Tobacco-Free Transit Facilities: Survey Results

Last month, Capital Metro staff recommended to our board that they adopt a tobacco-free policy that would affect our transit facilities. If adopted, the boarding areas of park & rides, transit centers, and MetroRail stations would become tobacco-free.

We conducted a customer survey earlier in July about this proposed policy, and more than 1,000 people participated. People took the survey online or by filling out paper surveys available at major transit facilities.

Of those who responded, 66 percent somewhat support or strongly support a tobacco-free transit facilities policy. (Eighty percent of smokers who took the survey do not support the policy, but smokers constituted only 28 percent of the respondents). If the policy is enacted, eighty percent of respondents said they would ride Capital Metro the same amount or more often.

Click through the slides to learn more about the survey results.

About 500 respondents to the survey also provided additional comments. Most comments expressed support for the policy and concerns about how the policy would be enforced. (Learn more about how the policy would be enforced.) Some respondents disagreed with the policy and believe it would be a violation of people’s rights.

The results of the survey will be shared with the Capital Metro Board on July 26, when they will consider adoption of the policy.