Make transit a high priority

Tonight is the first of several public forums this week that will help establish the city’s transportation priorities. The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan will attempt to prioritize the hundreds of requested/identified transportation projects. Here’s the information and list of meetings as posted on the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan site:

National experts say Austin suffers from some of the nation’s worst traffic congestion, which will only get worse with the region’s rapid growth. The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan is turning to the public to help establish the city’s transportation priorities. Six forums held throughout the city Feb. 8-11 will offer citizens a chance to express the community’s values and explore how they can shape near-term and long-term investments in our transportation system.

“Whether one uses roads, bikes, sidewalks, or transit, we all have a stake in an efficient, sustainable transportation system,” said Rob Spillar, director of the Austin Transportation Department. “Citizens who use the transportation system are best suited to tell us what they want and need from that system, and these forums are designed to capture those ideas.” Continue reading “Make transit a high priority”