“Last Mile” Bike Share

Each bike includes a helmet, bike lock, and a waterproof cover.

Capital Metro has been talking with some businesses located near the Red Line about employer-sponsored vanpools from a MetroRail station to the employer’s facility. Several employees with a similar work schedule could ride in on the train, and then share a van for the last leg of the trip to work. Capital Metro set up one of these special vanpools from Plaza Saltillo for our own employees who work at one of the two Capital Metro facilities  on Pleasant Valley.

Today Capital Metro unveiled a new option for our employees to navigate the “last mile” between the train station and work: a bike-share program between our facilities and Plaza Saltillo. Employees who need to head north or go downtown for meetings can check out a bicycle, ride down to Plaza Saltillo and lock it up there to board the train. The bicycles offer more flexibility than the set schedule for the vanpool program, and it also provides another way to encourage physical activity.

The bike share program is a pilot program to see what kind of interest there is, and also to learn what challenges might need to be addressed to make the program successful long-term. A bike share program might be a good model for other businesses who want to encourage alternate commuting, reduce their parking costs, and increase the activity levels of their employees. Continue reading ““Last Mile” Bike Share”

New Kramer Connection

New Route 466 Kramer Rail Connector will debut Aug. 22

Capital Metro’s Fall Service Change is right around the corner. August 22 to be exact.  This year there are many changes to the bus system that will improve route directness and connectivity, but one route in particular will help improve access to and from Kramer Station.

Route 466 is a new rail connector route that will be timed to meet the trains at Kramer.  Similar to the rail connectors at Downtown and MLK, the route will quickly circulate from the station to areas of employment and popular destinations.  Route 466 will offer direct access to IBM, National Instruments, the UT-Austin J.J. Pickle Research Campus and the Domain.  Check out the route here.

More details about the route and schedule are coming soon.  You can learn about all of the upcoming service changes on our web site.