Connections 2025: What about MetroRail?

This is the 5th blog post in our week-long series about Connections 2025. We’ve heard your burning questions and have answers to your top questions.  

Day 5 – Question: What about MetroRail?

The Connections 2025 vision for MetroRail is to serve as one of two components in the “Rapid Transit” category of service (the other being I-35 BRT service in dedicated express lanes). “Rapid Transit” routes provide frequent, high-capacity transit with limited-stop regional transit service that also serves as an integral part of the all-day, all-week core network. These types of services operate on dedicated right-of-way and can provide guaranteed, congestion-proof travel times to, from and between destinations throughout the Capital Metro service area. Continue reading “Connections 2025: What about MetroRail?”