Pilot program to close 4 Congress Ave. bus stops

This bus stop on Congress at 6th street is one of four that will be closing next month. Will it make Congress safer?

On Nov. 6, four bus stops on Congress will close as part of a pilot program to try to improve travel times and safety on Congress.
Here are the stops:

Northbound, Congress at 6th
Northbound, Congress at 7th
Southbound, Congress at 8th
Southbound, Congress at 7th

Riders of routes 1L/1M, 2, 5, 6, 7, 20, 30, 101, 127, 142, 174, and 990 who board/get off the bus at one of the four stops will find their stops within one or two blocks proximity.

You might be asking, Why, Capital Metro? Why?

Congress Avenue poses many challenges to Capital Metro. There’s a ton of bus traffic (and every other type of traffic) on Congress between Cesar Chavez and 11th Street. Right now there is even more traffic than usual because of the construction on Brazos. A comment was made by a couple of people over here, including CEO Linda S. Watson, that you can sometimes (often? always?) walk down Congress faster than you can ride a bus down Congress. Our buses stop at every block, resulting in “stacking” of the buses.  Continue reading “Pilot program to close 4 Congress Ave. bus stops”