COMTO salutes the best in Austin transportation

There will be many familiar faces in the crowd at the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) Austin Chapter’s Inaugural Transportation Awards this Friday. Since Capital Metro’s the public transportation provider, it’s no surprise that in addition to our own winners, so many others on the list have a connection to us.

First, let’s start at the top. Capital Metro Board Member Beverly Silas’ day job (our board members serve on a volunteer basis) is running Beverly Silas and Associates, a public involvement/public affairs consulting firm. COMTO selected her firm as the Women Owned Business of the Year.

Linda S. Watson, Capital Metro’s president/CEO, is co-winner of the Executive of the Year award. Here’s an excerpt from Linda’s nomination:

Since the moment Linda S. Watson walked in the door as president/CEO of Capital Metro in 2010, her goal has been to raise the bar and transform the agency into the valuable and highly-respected public service that the community deserves.

Watson made organizational changes, developed a strong executive leadership team, improved business practices and lead the development of a new strategic plan that provides guidance, oversight and accountability for every decision Capital Metro makes.

The COMTO nomination committee must have had a hard time deciding this category. Linda will share the award with Bobby Stone who’s the executive director of UT’s Parking and Transportation Services. That still keeps the award in the Capital Metro extended family since we work closely with Bobby and his staff on UT Shuttle matters.

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Van Sutherland on GIS and Capital Metro

CenTexGIS 003Earlier this month, The Central Texas GIS Users Group presented its first GUS Award (GIS User Spotlight Award) to Capital Metro’s GIS Coordinator Van Sutherland. CenTex GIS Executive Committee Member Jack Avis presented Van the award for “valuable contributions, exceptional leadership, analytical skills, mentoring, and dedication to the field of GIS.” That’s Van there on the right.

Last November, the agency celebrated GIS Day, and you can relive the magic (and learn more about Van’s work) in this earlier post.  (GIS Day 2009 is November 18.)

For those of you asking, “What the heck is GIS, and what does it have to do with Capital Metro?” here’s the answer, from Van himself:

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