Women’s Equality Day 2021

Capital Metro is proud to celebrate Women’s Equality Day today, and we’re proud to support the women who contribute to the success of our agency, our community and our families each and every day. We take great pride in supporting the women of our agency and establishing strong, representative leadership for young women to look up to in the workplace and in their own lives.

Women’s Equality Day, observed annually on August 26, was established by Congress in 1973 to commemorate the 1920 certification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. Today, President Biden issued a proclamation calling Women’s Equality Day “a reminder not only of the progress women have won through the years, but of the important work that remains to be done.”

Thank you to the women of Austin and the Central Texas community for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do.

For almost 50 years, August 26 has been an opportunity to highlight and advance women’s contributions to our communities. And in that spirit, we’re sharing the acceptance speech of our own Jackie Nirenberg from when she was named Woman of the Year by the Heart of Texas chapter of WTS:

FY2022: Discubre Lo Que Hemos Planeado

Las noticias no han parado durante el año pasado, con la pandemia, la aprobación del votante de Project Connect, la tormenta invernal, la primera temporada de Austin FC y así sucesivamente. Es difícil adivinar lo que podría suceder a continuación.

Lo bueno es que no tiene que adivinar. Vea nuestra reunión virtual del presupuesto de CapMetro para el año fiscal 2022 y vea lo que tenemos planeado.

Únase con nuestros equipos de financiamiento y participación comunitaria para aprender más.

Qué: Reunión virtual del presupuestario de CapMetro
Dónde: Facebook Live
Cuándo: viernes 27 de agosto al mediodía
Por qué: Queremos escuchar sus comentarios y preguntas sobre el presupuesto del próximo año.


Vea nuestra presentación del presupuesto de CapMetro para el año fiscal 2022 en esta grabación del Facebook Live.

FY2022: Find Out What We’ve Got Planned

A lot has been happening for CapMetro in the past year, what with the pandemic, voter approval of Project Connect, the winter storm, Austin FC’s first season and on and on. It’s hard to guess what might happen next.

The good thing is that you don’t have to guess. Check out our virtual open house about Capital Metro’s budget for Fiscal Year 2022 and see what we’ve got planned.

Join our Finance and Community Engagement teams on August 27 to learn more.

What: CapMetro’s 2022 Budget Virtual Meeting
Where: Facebook Live
When: Friday, August 27 at noon
Why: We want to hear your feedback and questions on next year’s budget.

***UPDATE on AUGUST 30***

Check out our 30-minute FY2022 budget presentation with this recording of the Facebook Live.

2021 Austin Pride Bus Design – Can’t Hide Our Pride

We are sad to share the the 2021 Austin Pride Parade was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. However, we still want to commemorate the occasion by revealing our colorful Pride Bus, which would have rolled on down Congress Avenue in the parade. CapMetro opened submissions to our community on Instagram for the Pride bus design theme and our marketing team was especially inspired by the entry “Bus-ting with Pride,” submitted by Tyler Ryan.

The final design is, in fact, busting with pride! The bus is covered in an explosion of rainbows, flowers, and unicorns alongside the message “Can’t Hide Our Pride.” The bus is absolutely magical in the daylight, but just wait until you see it at night! For the parade, our team carefully shaped LED lights around details of the vinyl wrap, which enhance the visual impact of our overwhelming pride.

Although the bus won’t make a parade appearance this year, the bus will operate in regular service until the end of September. If you see the Pride Bus out and about, snap a photo and be sure to tag us @capmetroatx! We also planned a little photo shoot to capture the bus in all its glory and invited contest winner Tyler Ryan and his friend Jake Rodriguez to see the completed design in person.

Capital Metro is proud to support and empower the LGBTQ+ community in and around Austin, all year-round. We wish you a happy, safe Pride Month and look forward to creating next year’s Pride bus design!

See the Pride Bus Design in Action

Theme contest winner Tyler Ryan posing with the Pride Bus
Tyler Ryan and Jake Rodriguez showing off their pride