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0062_BrioPhotographyTransportation is a key issue—some would say THE key issue—in our region. This one element affects our quality of life, economy, housing choices and affordability. Continue Reading »

bottlesWhether it’s your morning coffee or a cold beverage on a hot summer day, sometimes you need to bring a little refreshment on the bus or train as you travel from Point A to Point B. Continue Reading »

Chix PicJuly 6 is National Fried Chicken Day, so in honor of this momentous occasion, we rounded up a list of the five best places in town to get your chix fix. Continue Reading »

It’s an exciting time for Connections 2025 – we’re moving forward from data gathering and analysis to developing preliminary recommendations for service changes. First, we are looking at developing overall goals and strategies for service planning before we get down to the route-by-route details.

Capital Metro’s Board of Directors recently discussed some key issues for Connections 2025. Click here to view the meeting conversation.

Transit Priorities Survey

Help us shape the direction of Connections 2025! We’ve posted a new, brief survey and are looking for input from all Central Texans – riders and non-riders. The survey includes four questions to gauge opinions on some of the tradeoffs involved in a project like Connections 2025. With a limited amount of funding available for transit service, Capital Metro needs to make choices on how to balance competing priorities – for example, is it more important to improve frequency, or provide more coverage within Capital Metro’s service area? See below for examples.

Visit Connections2025.org to complete the survey!

maps Continue Reading »

tumblr_nz3v61Is1b1udao0so1_1280 2 -It’s June, which means summer is officially upon us. As temperatures climb, Austinites are doing what they can to beat the heat. Here are the five best ways to keep cool in Austin–and how to get there on Capital Metro so you keep your cool in traffic. Continue Reading »

As days get longer and hotter, many Austinites start planning staycations and vacations near and far. Here’s a list of apps that can prove handy whether you’re going across town, cross-country or across the globe. Continue Reading »

Roll and stroll 4“Roll and Stroll” is a great way for active adults, ages 65-and-older, to go on an inexpensive day trip and get to know Austin’s transit system better. Those interested in “Roll and Stroll” excursions are first introduced to Capital Metro’s services at a meeting, typically held at a local senior activity center. Continue Reading »


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