Connections 2025 Final Work Session This Friday


Connections 2025, Capital Metro’s study to rethink transit, has been underway for over a year and is nearing the finish line. This week, our team will talk with the board of directors at a final work session on Friday, Feb. 17. After that, the board will vote on the Final Transit Plan at their monthly board meeting on Feb. 27.

To date, we’ve met with over 100 organizations, participated in 125 community meetings with nearly 4,000 attendees, and received 6,500 survey responses. On top of that, the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan has received support from these organizations:

  • Downtown Austin Alliance
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Urban Transportation Commission
  • AURA
  • Alliance for Public Transportation in Austin
  • Austin Chamber of Commerce
  • Vision Zero
  • Pedestrian Advisory Council
  • Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Downtown Commission
  • Zipcar

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Love Connections While Riding Transit

love-buttonsHave you ever had a missed connection while riding public transit? We’re not talking about missing your transfer to another bus, but a real love connection. Sometimes you ride the bus or train to get from point A to point B, but sometimes you stumble upon that special someone, while riding, who makes your heart skip a beat. You sing to yourself “At last, my love has come along,” like Etta James did. (That’s what it sounds like in your head anyway.) More than words are all you ever need to express how this happened, but you can’t help it if you are “crazy in love.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Capital Metro is happy to share with you some of our most favorite love stories from the Austin Collective. These riders share their public transit-inspired love stories.


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Next Stop: Austin History

Trendy new cafes, stylish boutiques and new housing developments belie the African-American community that once existed in east Austin. During the late 1920s, the city of Austin supported the segregation of African-American people to the east side of the city, an area bordered by Manor Road to the north, Airport Road to the east, 7th Street to the south, Springdale Road to the southeast and what is now Interstate 35 to the West. The community endured as a historically African-American community until the mid-1990s. Continue reading “Next Stop: Austin History”

Connections 2025 – January Update


This week, the Capital Metro board of directors took a deep dive into the numbers of our Connections 2025 study. On Monday, we reviewed the financial process, along with operating and capital costs at a special work session. Missed the meeting? Check out the presentation or view the meeting video recording online.

What’s new?

Timeline change to February
In order to review more financial data and additional details on the proposed innovation zones, the board has extended the study timeline to include a final work session on Feb. 17. The final Connections 2025 plan will be voted on at next month’s board meeting on Feb. 27. As always, board meetings are open to the public and can be streamed online.
Capital Metro Board of Directors – Work Session
February 17
Capital Metro Board of Directors – Action Item for Approval
February 27
Capital Metro
2nd Floor Board Room
2910 E. 5th St
Austin, TX 78702

Getting Noticed!

generalalertYou may have noticed new colorful graphics appearing on Capital Metro’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ve developed these special graphics to notify riders about a variety of situations that can affect bus and train service — and your riding experience. It’s our goal to get this information out to our customers as soon as we learn of service impacts from bus and rail operations departments. And as a situation evolves, we provide updates. Continue reading “Getting Noticed!”

“Stuff the Bus” Food Drive Breaks Record, Collects Enough for 175,000 Meals

This year, the Central Texas community came together to show its overwhelming support for the fifth annual stuff-the-bus-2016-totalStuff the Bus food drive. Donations in both food and cash set a new record for the campaign, with enough collected to equal 175,633 meals, far exceeding the goal of 50,000 meals. All donations benefit the Central Texas Food Bank.

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Connections 2025 – December Plan Update


Yesterday, the Connections 2025 team presented a project update to our board of directors at a special work session. Check out the presentation at

As we’ve been talking about tweaks and tunes to specific areas in the Draft Transit Plan, we wanted to take the time to talk about the overall vision for Connections 2025. This roadmap is not a series of routes, as we describe service today, but rather a full network designed together to benefit our riders. Frequent and connected.

What’s new?

chart4Innovation Zones!

What’s that?

Last month, we highlighted four areas (Steck/Mesa, Tarrytown, Southwest Austin, and Bee Cave Road/Walsh Tarlton) in our Draft Transit Plan proposal we’ve revisited based on community feedback. These are areas in our network where we don’t see the ridership demand to justify running a full-sized bus in areas where passenger subsidies are 4-5 times our system average. Our team has developed this new concept, “Innovation Zones” as an option for providing alternative transportation service in areas where we are recommending to eliminate or consolidate bus service in the Connections 2025 plan. “Innovation Zones” would be pilot areas where we’d operate using new services, like: flex routes, transportation network companies (TNCs), micro-transit, vanpools, carshare or destination shuttles. We haven’t ironed out all the details yet, but will continue developing these “Innovation Zones” with input from our community.

Phasing and Implementation Plan

The Connections 2025 team is proposing major changes to be implemented as soon as possible, with the Frequent Network kicking-off in Fiscal Year 2018 – this is major. It means there would be very real, significant route improvements on the ground somewhere between October 2017 and September 2018. In FY 2019, we propose putting those “Innovation Zones” in place. FY 2020-2025 would be the implementation of longer-term projects including the two new MetroRapid routes, increased MetroRail frequency, additional Park & Ride capacity and transit service along IH-35.


What’s next?

The board will convene in January for an additional work session prior to taking a final vote on the Connections 2025 Transit Plan.

Will the changes happen overnight? No, the Plan would serve as the road map for our service changes over the next five years. Following the board approval of the overall Plan, we’d host additional community outreach and would need subsequent board approval for all individual route changes prior to implementation.