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austin-collective_robertThe people of Austin are fascinating. Their stories and how they get where they’re going, connects them. Capital Metro, Austin’s transit agency, has teamed up with some of the city’s most talented photographers and filmmakers to bring the stories and transit experiences of some of its riders to life. (more…)

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Saturday and Sunday, November 12 & 13, Noon–3:30 p.m. | Calles Building, 507 Calles St. | Free admissioneast-austin-toursBecause we know that finding parking during the East Austin Studio Tours can be challenging and we want you to experience how easy it is to ride Capital Metro, we’ve created two East Austin Studio Tours Try Transit Adventures. Gallery hop via transit with a complimentary Day Pass to see some of the best of the tour, including The Austin Collective exhibition. If you’re unsure how to take transit to some of Austin’s most fun activities, learn with us!

Find out more and register:

Saturday, November 12                                                Sunday, November 13

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Saturday, November 12, 4-5 p.m. | Calles Building, 507 Calles St. | Free admission

ac-screenshot-tumblrFor those wanting more insight into the photographer’s experiences documenting the city’s transit riders for The Austin Collective project, Capital Metro will host a related artist talk featuring (more…)

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Many comments have been received by the Connections 2025 team on the proposed changes in the Mueller area related to connectivity, transfers and access to/from UT and downtown. Because of this feedback, our team has taken a second look at the routes proposed in the area. The team presented these proposed changes to the Capital Metro board today during their Connections 2025 Work Session.

What’s the proposal?

The proposal includes several routes in the Mueller area, including Frequent Local, Local MetroRapid and a circulator.

Included in the original proposal are:

  • MetroRapid 820 on Manor from downtown to Springdale H-E-B (U.S. 183 and Springdale)
  • A weekday circulator along Berkman and Barbara Jordan connecting from Wildflower Terrace and Hancock Center
  • Route 22, an eastside crosstown route, providing Local 30-minute service along Mueller Boulevard

After hearing concerns that there was no all-day, all-week frequent service along Berkman and that part of Mueller was losing its direct connection to UT, we looked at how to improve connectivity. We’ve proposed replacing the circulator, by extending more useful frequent fixed route service into Mueller. The revised proposal includes direct access to UT and downtown on Frequent Local Route 10 and east/west connections to 38th Street on Frequent Route 335 via Berkman.

Our team did look at the alternative in operating MetroRapid Route 820 on Berkman through Mueller. However, due to the current street design, the traffic in the area would negatively impact travel times (adding 9 minutes during peak times) and route performance, while also adding $1 million in operating and vehicle costs, so it is not being recommended at this time. However, we would reintroduce the option on Berkman should the development and city provide transit priority access through the area.

muellerRevised proposal:

  • Remove circulator, replace with other frequent services
  • Route 10 serves Mueller via Mueller, Barbara Jordan, Berkman providing direct connections to Hancock Center, UT and downtown
  • Route 335 continues east to Mueller via 38th ½, Anchor, Manor and Berkman
  • Route 22 ends at Hancock Center
  • Route 820 remains on Manor

About the tradeoffs: A reality of the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan is that some people will need to change the way that they make their normal trips – which may now involve a transfer or a short walk – but what you’re getting in return is a significant bump in frequent service across our service area (increasing from 6 to 17 routes) that positively benefit the community at large, overall.

What’s next? Connections 2025 is still a draft plan at this time that continues changing based on feedback. Our team is carefully reviewing each and every response we receive as we work on finalizing this plan. The Capital Metro board will further evaluate the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan and will decide on a course to move forward with.

We continue taking feedback at Feedback@connections2025.org as the Draft Transit Plan has not been finalized. We anticipate our board of directors to vote on Final Transit Plan in December.

Visit Connections2025.org to see the updated Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan interactive map revised today.

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We’ve received many comments on the Route 19 proposal along Bull Creek because of the potential gap in service. The route was eliminated in the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan due to low ridership. However, in response to community feedback, our team has worked on some possible changes in the Bull Creek area, these were proposed today at our board of directors Connections 2025 Work Session.

What’s the proposal? Service would be available along the new proposed Route 345, offering frequent service on 45th St. between Burnet Rd. and Hancock Center. Additionally, MetroRapid Routes 801 and 803 operate north/south along Guadalupe and Lamar, running every 15 minutes or better. (more…)

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Capital Metro has been taking community feedback on the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan since late August. We’ve heard from thousands of Central Texans across our region. Now, we’re beginning to make adjustments to the proposal based on your feedback. Today, staff presented potential changes to the Capital Metro board of directors.

We’ve heard from many UT students about the proposal to replace Route 663 with other routes. Over the past two months, we’ve talked with students online, by email and on campus at the UT Shuttle Bus Committee and Student Government. We even wrote a blog post to give you more information on our proposal. Our Planning Team has been working hard to understand the UT community’s concerns while also staying mindful of best practices and transit design principles.

Before you read on, it’s important to remember that any changes to Route 663 will not happen immediately. The only change our board of directors has approved is for Express route service on MoPac, beginning in early 2017. Once Capital Metro is ready to make changes to Route 663 service, we would go through a new round of community meetings before implementation, this could be later in 2017, or beyond.

We’ve now adjusted our proposal to reinstate Route 663: (more…)

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backgroun1.PNGThis week, we’re posting updates on Capital Metro routes that we’re revisiting based on community feedback. Today, we presented our Board of Directors some Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan potential route changes at their November Work Session. We’ll review these briefly at the November board meeting and take public comments. The board will further evaluate to make a final decision.

Before we dive into the details, let’s get a refresher on this year-long process. In early 2016, we hosted a series of open houses designed to gauge our community’s priorities for Connections 2025. We heard you ask for more frequency, reliability and connections. In May, we hosted another round of open houses to talk about the tradeoffs between frequency and coverage. We took that feedback into consideration when designing the Draft Transit Plan that prioritizes frequency while maintaining 98% of current service coverage.   (more…)

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