Win a 7-day MetroPlus pass today in exchange for a tweet

PRESENTING: The Twitter Contest Idea Contest

We have 20 seven-day MetroPlus passes to give away that are going to expire on Oct. 31. We thought it’d be fun to do a twitter contest. We had a couple of ideas already for contests, but some of them would take more time than we have, and some of them were not too exciting. So. we’re going to do a contest to get some contest ideas.

The SKINNY: Tweet us @capmetrorail your idea for a twitter contest we could do at some later date. The first 20 ideas tweeted today before 4 p.m. will get a free pass to ride MetroBus, MetroExpress and MetroRail next week.


1) you must follow @capmetrorail to be eligible.
2) your tweet must mention @capmetrorail in the tweet.
3) You must provide via DM your address by 4 p.m. so we can mail you a pass ASAP–no guarantees it will show up in the mail tomorrow, though–could be Monday.

Tweeting @capmetrorail

Meet soon-to-be MetroRail frequent rider Logan Gentry. Logan is an engineer who works downtown. He’s also an avid twitterer who’s been tweeting about Capital MetroRail for the past year or more.

Since Capital Metro started tweeting via @CapMetroRail, we’ve become acquainted with Logan through his always persistent, sometimes pointed tweets about MetroRail.

We let the media ride on MetroRail this past Monday, and we were allowed to invite a few other guests, too. Logan was my guest, and as his tweets indicate, he enjoyed the ride.

Here’s @logangentry‘s stream from the ride:

My first tweet from the @capmetrorail! Many more to follow. Loving it!

It’s me and a bunch of reporters on the @capmetrorail

college students who commute, here’s your stop on @capmetrorail MLK station for a campus shuttle free 4 UT

Really smooth ride with free wifi on the @capmetrorail. A long…long wait, but it’s appearing to be worth it so far

Special thanks to @capmetrorail for letting me ride this afternoon! Glad to see it finally happening.

KXAN interviewed Logan about the experience; Check out the story here.

Rail tweets

We’ve been playing with twitter over here. It’s sort of an experiment, but we’re tweeting about MetroRail–check us out.

Everyone’s on twitter, it seems. Frankly I never really got the memo; or, perhaps more appropriate, I missed the train.

One of our executives had earlier suggested twitter as a potential tool for frequent MetroRail updates. And after playing with it, it is kind of interesting. Perhaps it could evolve into a mechanism for service announcements once the Red Line is operating full service. That’s what Washington DC’s Metro just did. Maybe I could become a reluctant twitter fan with practice.