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A conceptual design of an articulated 60-foot MetroRapid bus. The new service will include 22 sixty-foot buses and 18 forty-foot buses.

Capital Metro recently learned we will be receiving a total of about $37.6 million from the Federal Transit Administration to bring a new mode of transportation to Austin. Capital MetroRapid will be a swank, speedy bus service that uses technology to keep traffic lights green (or to turn a traffic light from red to green) to allow the bus to cruise along its route.

But what is it all about, and how does it work? We’ll answer those questions and many others during a one-hour free webinar tomorrow, from noon to 1 p.m. Register to attend here. Vice President of Planning Todd Hemingson and MetroRapid Project Manager Ken Cartwright will give an overview of the MetroRapid project, including the routes planned, the amenities onboard and at the boarding stations, next steps/timeline, etc. A full 25-30 minutes will be reserved for an interactive Q&A. Type your question into the webinar interface, and the presenters will answer as many as they can.

Get involved (from the convenience of your computer)! Register to attend the free interactive meeting.


Local Delegation Moves MetroRapid Funding Forward

Great news! Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives passed their Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill for FY2011 and it included $24.23 million for Capital MetroRapid!

The Senate Appropriations Committee also passed their version of the bill last week, and the same was previously requested by President Obama in his FY2011 budget. While there are a few more steps left before final budget approval, the recent action is very encouraging and moves Capital Metro that much closer to the finish. Continue reading “Local Delegation Moves MetroRapid Funding Forward”

Obama to Congress: Fund MetroRapid!

As we all know, Capital Metro could always use some good news and the good news is (insert drum roll here)…we actually have some darn good news! Really!

Yesterday, President Obama (yes, THE President of the United States himself, Mr. Barack Obama) proposed his FY 2011 budget and it included $24 million in *additional* federal funds for Capital Metro’s MetroRapid project. Yahoo! Continue reading “Obama to Congress: Fund MetroRapid!”

Rapid Bus Demo

You may have seen this bus rolling around Austin recently and thought to yourself “what is that?”. It’s a 2008 Nova LFX demo bus and it’s just one of several different models that Capital Metro is considering for MetroRapid. Our transit planners and operators have been testing it out on the streets of Austin the past few days. So far, many are impressed by the way it looks, rides and drives.

The 62-ft articulated bus has 56 seats but it can be manufactured to have up to 62 seats. This particular bus has three wide doors. It’s very roomy and quite comfortable. You might think the size limits its turing ability, but that’s not the case. The bus can manuever around the same as a 40-ft bus.

This type of bus would be assigned to only the MetroRapid routes. The first two routes will be along North Lamar/South Congress and Burnet/South Lamar. Click here for more info on MetroRapid.