Grace takes a poignant bus ride

Just in time for Thanksgiving, check out this blog post from Cincinnati Enquirer editorial writer Krista Ramsey:

He is on my Metro bus only occasionally, a worn man in rumpled clothing with disheveled hair.

Buses are such forcibly communal spaces that people try not to be intrusive. Still, it’s hard not to notice that this man’s life looks different from the rest of ours. Continue reading “Grace takes a poignant bus ride”

First Public MetroRail Ride

Today about 200 people got to ride Capital MetroRail as part of our testing. It was the first ride offered to people outside of Capital Metro, except for the news media, and so it was an especially happy event for us.

Today was the second of two days of passenger simulation testing. The engineers got a feel for how the train handles when it’s full, as well as practice boarding and deboarding passengers at the stations.

Yesterday, Capital Metro employees played the part of passengers and got on and off the train at each station along the line. The staff were testing the timings of the stops in relation to the full schedule.