Capital Metro is a healthy place to work

Capital Metro is inducted into the Mayor's Fitness Council. From Left: MetroAccess driver Raydell Loggins, Risk Manager Mike Nyren, Mayor Lee Leffingwell, HR Director Donna Simmons, Mayor's Fitness Council Vice-Chair Lou Earle, and Bus Operator Terry Walker.

At the Austin City Council meeting on June 10, Capital Metro was recognized for our comprehensive employee wellness program when we became a certified partner in the Mayor’s Fitness Council.

Being a member of the Mayor’s Fitness Council is a big deal. Certified partners must meet and adhere to four pillars of health: physical activity, nutrition, healthy weight and tobacco-free living. Capital Metro has demonstrated accomplishments in all areas.

Raydell Loggins, a MetroAccess driver, and Terry Walker, a bus operator, were in the contingent of Capital Metro staff who attended the city council meeting to accept the certification. Both women have improved their health by making use of  our wellness benefits, such as a 24-hour gym and personal trainers, a nutritionist, on-site personal trainers, health screenings, tobacco cessation resources, Weight Watchers groups, and workshops covering a variety of health topics. Continue reading “Capital Metro is a healthy place to work”

Capital Metro’s Award-Winning Wellness Program

KTBC Fox 7 News profiled Capital Metro’s employee wellness program on Wednesday morning. It’s been phenomenally successful: for every $1 that Capital Metro has invested in the program, the agency has enjoyed $2.43 in savings due to decreased health care costs and absenteeism rates.

The Centers for Disease Control recently published a case study on the positive effects of our program.