Brian's resolution is to share the value of transit to my kids.

What’s Your Commute Resolution?

Every New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start, and changing the way you commute could lead to a happier and healther life. Switching from car to transit means letting someone else do the driving and giving yourself free time to do more. Adding walking or biking to your commute can support your fitness goals without more trips to the gym.

Not sure how to get started? If it has been a while, check out these helpful walking, biking, transit, ride sharing and active transportation resources.  Or get some inspiration from these fine folks:

Brian's resolution is to share the value of transit to my kids.

“I resolve to pass down the value of transit to my kids.” — Brian Carter

I will commit to riding my bike to work at least once a week

“I commit to riding my bike to work at least one day a week.” — Nadia Barrera-Ramirez

Lonny on the bus

“I resolve to ride transit to work at least 4Xs per week and to stop at the supermarket on my way home to reduce the need for weekend car trips.” — Lonny Stern

Yannis on the bus

” I pledge to ride MetroExpress 980 from Howard Station to work 3Xs per week.” — Yannis Banks 

Share your Commute Resolution! Everyone needs a little inspiration. Tell us how you are planning to transform your commute in the New Year by email (and we’ll share here) or post your resolution on social media and tag us using #commuteresolution.

Dump the Pump Day – June 21

This Thursday, we’re asking you to dump the pump and ride Capital Metro. June 21 is National Dump the Pump Day and there has never been a better time to make the switch to public transit. There are a multitude of benefits to riding transit.

Saves money

Riding transit is an affordable option. According to the American Public Transportation Association’s June Transit Saving Report, a two-person household can save, on the average, almost $10,000 a year by downsizing to one car.

Capital Metro has some of the lowest fares in the nation. A 31-day local pass costs just $30. Use this fuel savings calculator to find out how much money you could be saving by riding public transit.

Saves the environment

Taking public transit is the most effective action you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Riding Capital Metro saves 4,800 pounds of carbon per year and far exceeds the combined benefits of using energy-efficient light bulbs, adjusting thermostats, weatherizing one’s home, and replacing a refrigerator.

Calculate your carbon savings riding public transportation.

Saves your health

Riding Capital Metro is also a healthy choice. Studies have shown that regular transit riders tend to be healthier because of the exercise they get walking to and from bus stops, train stations and their homes or offices.

It might be hot in June, but a short walk will do you good. Cool off in our well air-conditioned vehicles and enjoy a relaxing ride home, rather than a stressful drive in rush hour traffic.

The concept behind Dump the Pump started right here at Capital Metro, and now it is a national event to raise awareness of all the benefits of public transportation. So what are you waiting for? Ditch the car and get on the bus, train or carpool this Thursday.Try it and you might like it.

Dump the Pump contest Grand Prize Winner: Komal Gandhi

Komal Gandhi submitted a video entry to the Dump the Pump contest that highlights the benefits of riding Capital Metro. As the grand prize winner, she’s taking home an iPad2, four tickets to an Austin Chronicle “Paper Cuts” concert, a commuter gift bag with three 31-day passes and a free Car2Go membership with 120 free minutes–a prize worth about $860! Way to go, Komal!

Dump the Pump contest Second Place Winner: Darius Williams

Congrats to Darius Williams, who took 2nd place in the Dump the Pump Contest for his creative “Dear John” letter. He won six month’s worth of Capital Metro passes, two tickets to an Austin Chronicle “Paper Cuts” concert, a commuter gift bag, and a free Car2Go membership with 60 free minutes.


I feel it’s time for a heart to car moment. There are a few things I must get off my chest. Over the years we’ve been through a lot together: spontaneous cross-country road-trips, campouts on the beach, tailgates – it’s really been great! But lately things have started falling apart.

Honestly, it’s not you, it’s me. You’re worth so much more than I’m capable of giving. Between your costly repairs, car insurance, not to
mention rising gas prices, I’m just not able to provide all that you need – that you deserve.

But there’s more. I’ve found someone else. I want you to hear this from me and not some hatchback down the street. Her name is CapMetro.
She’s been filling in the void since you’ve been parked – getting me across town and back, introducing me to new people, not to mention
helping me manage my finances.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I truly love you and it’s been a great ride. I just know you’re better off with someone able to provide the right kind of love and affection. I’m certain with time your new owner will have you up and running in tip-top shape in no time.

Don’t think of this as the end of the road, but as a new beginning on paths uncharted. You’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

With Love,
A. Rider

Dump the Pump contest Third Place Winner: Adela Srinivasan

Right now we are at Brush Square at Downtown Station, announcing the winners of the Dump the Pump contest, and enjoying the upbeat sounds of the East Side Dandies. This is the first post of a few that you’ll see today, highlighting our top winners in the contest. This is the third-place entry from Adela Srinivasan, and her prize is three month’s worth of Capital Metro passes, two tickets to an Austin Chronicle “Paper Cuts” concert, a commuter gift bag and a free Car2Go membership. Congratulations!

My love affair with Capital Metro started way back years ago I first landed to US from Europe, and here I was- a city which seemed to have no boundaries (nothing l have seen before in Europe). What I really mean, is the way US cities are spread out- thanks for the abundance of space!  And I loved it, but one thing that really kept me from enjoying Austin’s  vastness was the fact that I did not have my European way of  grabbing a bus and going places- and the fact that I could not drive was making me even more bitter!

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Dump the Pump with Capital Metro: tomorrow

National Dump the Pump Day is tomorrow, Thursday, June 16. What are your plans? Perhaps you can walk or ride your bike to work or school, or jump on one of our buses with powerful air-conditioning. You can carpool, car2go, or ride MetroRail or a pedicab. It’s up to you, but I hope you will consider doing your “to- and fro-ing” without the use of your personal car.

Brown bag it tomorrow, and join Capital Metro and car2go at a lunchtime celebration at Brush Square park, adjacent to the Downtown Station, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The East Side Dandies will belt out “hot jazz” from the 20’s and 30’s, and officials from Capital Metro will announce new carsharing options that will make dumping the pump easier.

We’ll also be announcing the winners of our Dump the Pump, Ride with Us contest. Thank you so much for your brilliant entries! Seventy-something entries have been carefully judged and scored, and tomorrow several people can claim their prizes, including one grand prize winner who will be taking home an iPad2. (We’ll be posting the winning entries on CapMetroBlog tomorrow, so come back.)

The concept behind Dump the Pump started right here at Capital Metro, and now it is a national event to raise awareness of all the benefits of public transportation. What we see and hear all the time is that people have some pre-conceived notions about riding transit that prevent them from trying it, but once they do, they realize it is easier and more pleasant than they thought it would be. Try transit, my friends! Try transit. Tomorrow.

Dump the Pump Tomorrow

Tomorrow, June 17, is National Dump the Pump Day, and we here at Capital Metro hope you’ll celebrate with us by leaving your car at home.

Dump the Pump logo

As automobiles are the greatest source of air pollution, trying an alternative to driving solo to work or school makes a big impact on the quality of our environment. In fact, you’ll be dubbed an Ozone Action Hero (you have to acquire your own cape, however) for walking, biking, carpooling, or riding Capital Metro instead of driving.

If you’re interested in trying public transportation tomorrow and joining the thousands of regular Capital Metro riders who are doing their part to save the environment, we have an incentive for you: you can ride free on Dump the Pump Day with this coupon. Print it out and show it to your bus driver or MetroRail fare enforcement officer, and your ride will be on us.

During rush hour, every full bus takes about 35 cars off the road; let’s fill the bus! (and train).