Bike to Work Week, Day 1

This week is Bike To Work Week.   This week, yours truly will be riding her bike to Howard Station and from the Downtown Station to the office [approximately 5.5 miles].  Last week, for encouragement, I turned to my friend, Scott.  That is because, for Scott, every week is Bike To Work Week.

Scott with his son

[ck]      Scott, how long have you been commuting to work by bicycle?

[Scott]  For the last four years, my primary methods of commuting are either by bus or bicycle.

[ck]      How far do you commute?

[Scott]  I commute about three miles each way.

[ck]      What was the impetus for taking your bike to work?

[Scott]  There were several motivating factors.  Efficient exercise.  Enjoyment. Believe it or not, it is often much faster; and, it allows my  family to remain a one-car household.

[ck]      So, I get the exercise.  Talk to me about enjoyment.

[Scott]  I really enjoy riding my bike.  It makes me feel like a little kid riding to school.

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Tales from a MetroRail rider

******Editor’s note: Carol Keesee is a new Capital Metro rider. She contacted me out of the blue, wanting to capture her observations about making a lifestyle change that included public transit, as well as the stories of the interesting people she has met on MetroRail. Stay tuned for more blog posts by Carol. ********

For those who do not know my story, I am a recently-converted MetroRail commuter. Having lived in the Austin area all of my life, I must admit that I had never given the thought of using Capital Metro a second thought. Instead, I had spent more than thirty years commuting more than thirty miles to work and back home each day.

Riding the bus had never appealed to me. Quite frankly, if I was going to be stuck in traffic, I preferred being stuck in the privacy of my own vehicle. However, the introduction of MetroRail offered a more appealing approach to getting to work. Howard Station is within five miles of my home and the Downtown Station is within one mile of my office. The thought of driving only five miles to the station, boarding a cool-looking train, and de-boarding downtown had a very metropolitan feel. Still, MetroRail would mean a lifestyle change. Was I ready to commit to becoming a commuter?

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