Brian's resolution is to share the value of transit to my kids.

What’s Your Commute Resolution?

Every New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start, and changing the way you commute could lead to a happier and healther life. Switching from car to transit means letting someone else do the driving and giving yourself free time to do more. Adding walking or biking to your commute can support your fitness goals without more trips to the gym.

Not sure how to get started? If it has been a while, check out these helpful walking, biking, transit, ride sharing and active transportation resources.  Or get some inspiration from these fine folks:

Brian's resolution is to share the value of transit to my kids.

“I resolve to pass down the value of transit to my kids.” — Brian Carter

I will commit to riding my bike to work at least once a week

“I commit to riding my bike to work at least one day a week.” — Nadia Barrera-Ramirez

Lonny on the bus

“I resolve to ride transit to work at least 4Xs per week and to stop at the supermarket on my way home to reduce the need for weekend car trips.” — Lonny Stern

Yannis on the bus

” I pledge to ride MetroExpress 980 from Howard Station to work 3Xs per week.” — Yannis Banks 

Share your Commute Resolution! Everyone needs a little inspiration. Tell us how you are planning to transform your commute in the New Year by email (and we’ll share here) or post your resolution on social media and tag us using #commuteresolution.

Taking the ‘Drag’ out of The Drag

GuadalupeEarlier this week, the Austin Transportation Department released a Preliminary Engineering Report for Guadalupe St. near the University of Texas campus. Commonly known as “The Drag”, this section of roadway sees some of the highest levels of transit ridership in the entire Capital Metro system.

However, riders all too often find that riding through that part of town really is a drag. Why? Because even though more than half of the people traveling north and south on Guadalupe on any given weekday morning or afternoon are in our buses, they’re usually still stuck in heavy traffic. In other words, a bus that can carry more than 40 people is given the exact same level of priority as a car with just one.

And that’s why we’re so excited about the proposed improvements to The Drag, and particularly the addition of transit priority lanes: They improve travel for the maximum number of people, regardless of how they travel. Continue reading “Taking the ‘Drag’ out of The Drag”

Resolve to Ride in 2012

Happy 2012!

For many people, New Year’s is a time of reflection and introspection. There’s something about wrapping up a year and anticipating the next that just lends itself perfectly to resolutions and goal-setting. What went well in 2011? What do I want to do differently in 2012?

If any of your resolutions for 2012 pertain to saving money, getting healthier, or being kinder to our planet, consider adding Capital Metro to your bucket list for 2012.

Conservatively, you can save a couple hundred bucks a month on gas by taking public transportation instead of driving your car. It costs just $1 per trip on the bus, and buying a multi-ride pass will bring the cost per trip down even more. Calculate your savings. Check out our low fares.

I’m always fretting over my weight and trying to find time to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine. You may not immediately connect public transportation with exercise, but consider that every single transit rider starts and ends as a pedestrian. Think about it: you walk (or bike) to your stop, and on the tail end, you walk to your destination. Over time that walking adds up to pounds and inches.

Recycling is great, but if you’re ready to take it to the next level, ride Capital Metro. Taking public transportation instead of driving your own car is the single greatest action you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Calculate your carbon savings by riding public transportation.

If you want to make a difference in 2012 on the environment or on your waistline or bottom line, mosey over to Capital Metro’s online store and purchase a transit pass today. Here’s to a great beginning to 2012.