214 is Number 1

Regional public transportation took a significant new step forward today as the Capital Metro board of directors approved an agreement with Cedar Park to partner on bus service to their city: Route 214 Northwest Flex. It will be considered by the Cedar Park City Council next week and would begin operation on January 18th. The agreement and the route itself are pretty innovative. First a little background on the agreement.

Capital Metro’s service area covers an area of around 500 square miles and represents the cities and parts of counties where residents approved a sales tax for public transportation service. The service area does not cover all of the cities in our region since some areas either chose not to participate or withdrew after initially becoming a member. Cedar Park is one of the cities that withdrew about 10 years ago.

In 2008 we saw the need to do what we could to get public transportation to cities that are not part of the Capital Metro taxing area, because the transit needs don’t stop at the service area boundary.  So we developed a Service Expansion Policy that cleared the way for us to work with progressive cities like Cedar Park to provide public transportation.  Continue reading “214 is Number 1”