All Aboard

I am proud to say there is change happening at Capital Metro.  It is indeed a new day for us.  Just this morning, Capital Metro was approved to begin MetroRail operations on March 22, 2010– a development that has been some time in the making, but a great transformative step for our transit agency.  I can assure you this is the first step in a series of changes for our organization, and without a doubt, there is more to come.

Central Texas’ transit agency is at a critical turning point, and we know it will not happen without good leadership, good service, good employees and community support, all of which exist and is growing stronger each and every day.  The final approval of our MetroRail operations is testament to that.

The new board at Capital Metro has hit the ground running, and we are committed to working tirelessly on behalf of our communities to realize the mission of our organization.  Our mission statement drives us to “provide high-quality, customer focused, effective and efficient transportation services and systems for our communities.”

To get our agency to the place we all want it to be, we must also gain the necessary community confidence that has not always proven to be there for us. If we strive to fulfill our mission statement exactly as it is stated, I believe that community confidence will follow. Continue reading “All Aboard”