They’re Saaaafe!

Herzog Transit Services Inc, our commuter rail contractor since December, recently celebrated a milestone: 200 days accident-free.  Actually, the count is now 230+ days without a Federal Railway Administration reportable injury.

“It’s not a record easy to receive and we’re very proud of it,” Steven Welch, system safety and compliance manager for HTSI, said. Such a record is hard-won and easy to lose, all it takes is one unsafe strike and it’s gone.

When every day presents the challenge of hitting a home run in safety, employees must be focused. It all comes down to communication. “Before we start any task we have a job briefing and everyone understands what has to be done,” Welch said. “Our goal for safety is one day at a time.”

HTSI’s 60 employees have worked 100,000+ man-hours without an accident and are proud of their achievement. This also means that have had a perfect record of batting a thousand on safety.

Herzog has a very good industry average for safety, and it’s a great thing to hear that their performance here is no exception.

Meals on Wheels and Capital Metro

MoW client Senaida Mokarzel with her lunch.
MoW client Senaida Mokarzel with her lunch.

Meals on Wheels (MoW) is Capital Metro’s neighbor over here on East 5th St. Capital Metro employees have been delivering Meals on Wheels since 1996. Recently, I rode along with Jennifer Govea and Terri Wilson, as they delivered for Meals on Wheels. They volunteer on their lunch break to help out with the program.

MoW, is a non-profit program that gives homebound seniors and individuals with disabilities a hot lunch. The Austin chapter, Meals on Wheels and More also runs other programs, more info here.

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Tobacco Policy Survey

Capital Metro wants you to give us feedback and your thoughts on whether or not we should make the boarding areas of transit facilities including MetroRail stations, transit centers, and park & rides tobacco free. We are taking public comment through this survey.  The survey will be available June 28 through July 11. It takes about two minutes to complete.

 The results of the survey will be given to the Board of Directors at their July 26 meeting when they consider adopting the policy.

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