National Safety Month

Every June the National Safety Council encourages organizations to put an emphasis on reducing the leading causes of injury “at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.” This is something Capital Metro does every day.

2019 APTA Gold Award Safety SMCRA lot of this happens behind the scenes. Our safety department has been working with everyone at Capital Metro to be “Serious About Safety” and has made that the top responsibility of each and every employee and contractor who works in our system. In our industry that is called “creating a safety culture” and Capital Metro was recently honored by the American Public Transportation Association with a Gold Award for its safety efforts. Among these endeavors was the creation of a hazard assessment team that is responsible for identifying and assessing potential hazards and making recommendations on how to deal with them. Another was the institution of a safety management system that encourages all to report areas of concern about safety throughout the road and work environments.

IMG_1331 CRYou may have seen the signs on the back of our buses that took a humorous approach to not running into the bus. The signs featured everything from, “You Wouldn’t Hit a Bus with Glasses” to a photo of a group of startled people saying, “Whoa, Whoa. This Is a Bus. Stay Back.” These may sound silly, but they worked! The ads reduced rear-end crashes on these vehicles by 69%. You may have also seen signs on the sides of our buses honoring the Safety Champions — employees whose focus on safety made a real difference in the workplace. That inspired a lot of employees to work even harder to make safety their number one goal.

Capital Metro is honored to receive this recognition, but a lot of what keeps our community safe is YOU. So, this June, think about what you are doing when it comes to safety. In the coming weeks we will be sharing information on the things you can do to stay safe on our roads and around Capital Metro buses and trains. Let’s all work together to make our roads and sidewalks even safer, not just in June, but all year.

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