Drop in & Learn about Cap Metro’s 2019 Budget

Budget Outreach

Capital Metro operates on public funding, and we take that responsibility seriously. Part of maintaining financial transparency includes letting the public see our budget to ensure we are using your money wisely

And beginning next week we’re going to do just that, and you’ll have four chances to hear about our proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2019 and ask questions. Wherever you are — north of the river or south, downtown or on the internet — we’ve got an option for you to participate. So please do!

We posted the entire budget online last week, and you can review it in full. So, come prepared with questions and comments. Members of our staff will be there to answer your questions, either about the budget or just about anything else Capital Metro does.

3 thoughts on “Drop in & Learn about Cap Metro’s 2019 Budget

  1. Robin

    what if taxpayers just reduced executive salaries and planner positions across the board for your stunt of eliminating route in growing City?? It took forever to get buses today….if you hadn’t been so giddy to eliminate the stops/routes which people WERE using you would not have created that situation.

  2. winnie

    Cutting your salaries and turning you out onto the streets is long overdue. The sooner you’re living under a bridge for having eliminated our routes and stops the better

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