A Cap Remap Explainer: New Signs

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A lot goes into making the largest and most sweeping changes to Capital Metro’s service.

In addition to all of the planning and all of the community outreach we’ve already done, there’s a lot of physical work that still needs to take place.

Like with bus stops. You ever think much about bus stops? We do. We’ve got about 2,600 of them now, and 350 of them won’t be in service beginning June 3. Another 115 or so brand new ones will begin to serve locations that don’t currently have bus service.

The thing about it is that someone’s gotta put up all those new signs and take down all the old ones. We also have to let y’all know that that’s happening and, of course, where you can get your bus once all the changes are in place.

But that work doesn’t happen overnight. And so you’ll begin to see some new signs at our bus stops pretty soon, and it’s important for you to understand what they’re telling you. Four new signs are already appearing at stops around town, and they’ve got four big messages about the changes to our service.

Green SignThe Green Signs

If you see these signs, that means some service at the stop is changing. Maybe a new route will serve that location, or maybe a current route is being removed. The routes listed in the table aren’t necessarily what serve that stop currently, but they’ll be there beginning June 3.






Pink Sign

The Pink Signs

If this sign is at your stop, that means Cap Metro is removing service from that location. We are here to help you prepare for that change. We may be able to identify another stop — sometimes just a short walk away — where you can catch the bus. Check CapMetro.org/Remap to plan your trip; there might be equal or even better service coming your way. Or call the GO Line at 512-474-1200 for help.





Yellow SignThe Yellow Signs

Great news! These signs indicate a new bus stop will be coming on June 3. The routes that will serve the stop are displayed on the permanent signage at the top of the bus stop pole.







Blue & Orange SignThe Blue & Orange Signs

When we begin to place our new permanent bus stop signs — in late April and May — you’ll also see these signs attached to the new poles. The permanent signs will display routes that serve the stop beginning June 3. The routes displayed on this temporary sign show what currently serves the stop. So, in short, look up to see what’ll be at that stop beginning June 3, and look at the temporary sign at eye level (more or less) to see which routes are there right now.





And, as always, leave a comment below or get in touch with us at 512-474-1200, feedback@capmetro.org or customer.service@capmetro.org and tell us what you think or ask a question.

5 thoughts on “A Cap Remap Explainer: New Signs

  1. sara

    . You don’t have the resources to run the buses frequently and maintain existing routes at the same time OR even finish the job with replacing white signs with grey and blue.

    But you do have money to print (apparently) temporary multicolored and very heavily worded signs??

    Say what?? Did we read this correct??

    Premium fare should have taught people (at least those paying attention) that the more tiers, a plan has the more confusing it gets.

    Secondly, the color system is going to legally mean squat to vision impaired/blind and or color blind people who cannot discern color. Saying identify sign by color is really inappropriate even for you guys. Takes a lot of guts to publicly go out of the way against the hometown of the TX blind and vision impaired in 2018!!!

    Third, the time and money spent designing these signs could have merely been utilized to finish replacing the white signs with the grey and blue. You did not even successfully finish that signage project and it was one tier. So how on earth are you going to manage this—which is much too enthusiastically promising to disrupt public mobility??

    1. Capital Metro

      Thanks for commenting, Sara. The blue and gray signs that are on the streets now were the first part of a trial program. They’ve worked well, and so all of the white signs will be replaced with the new blue and gray signs by June 3. The temporary signs are out there to explain more fully the changes that are coming and be open about the process of making the changes rather than letting our customers wonder what’s happening to their stops and their routes.

      As for the visually impaired community, our outreach efforts to them and to the agencies and organizations that serve them have been and will continue to be extensive. We’re committed to serving everyone in Central Texas and to do so as best we can. /PJP

  2. Sara

    so drop the multicolored signs….less money and resources to waste. The gray and white signs have less wording on them easier for people of various abilities to successfully figure out. If you are really that hard up for money that you have to delete our routes—just spend it on the one type of sign.

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