A Cap Remap Explainer: Route 37

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One of the big things we’ve been saying about Cap Remap is that more than half of our routes will change. And, while only two current routes will be eliminated entirely without their service being replaced, many customers will need to learn new routes because their current routes won’t operate after June 3.

For instance, let’s look at the Route 37 Colony Park/Windsor Park.

The 37 is a super important outlet for residents in far East Austin. It travels from Colony Park to Cameron Road and then through Mueller into downtown. It usually travels at about 30-minute frequencies. And many people rely on it to get to work.

Beginning June 3, though, there won’t be a Route 37 anymore. We’re really confident in what’s replacing its service, and we think it will serve you well too. Let’s explore that a bit.

Route 337The new Route 337 will replace the 37’s current routing east of Cameron Road, but instead of turning south toward Mueller and downtown, it turns north. From there, the 337 takes over the current Route 320’s path along St. Johns and provides a one-seat ride to ACC Highland before traveling on 2222 to Balcones Drive, just west of MoPac.

Some questions:

How frequently will Route 337 run?

It’s not technically a part of the High-Frequency Network, but it will run every 15 minutes weekdays between 6 and 9 a.m. and from 3 to 8 p.m.

It goes east-west, so how do we get downtown?

Along the way, Route 337 will provide easy transfers to High-Frequency Routes 7, 10, 20, 300, 801 and 803. For current Route 37 riders who travel into Central Austin and downtown, the transfers to Routes 10 and 20 will provide reliable service from Colony Park and East Austin. Of course, in addition to transfers downtown, these connecting routes also provide quicker access to Midtown and North Austin destinations.

But do I have to transfer if I wanna go downtown?

Coming from downtown back into Northeast Austin, those same routes will of course provide frequent, reliable service — transferring from Route 10 to Route 337 at Berkman and Briarcliff, for example. An option for a one-seat ride, though, will be to take Route 6, which comes twice an hour, eastbound along 12th Street. It ends at the intersection of Webberville Road and Tannehill Lane, which is exactly where Routes 237 and 339 begin.

The Route 6 is “interlined” with Routes 237 and 339, which means that when it ends at the intersection of Webberville and Tannehill, it will change into either Route 237 or 339 depending on the time of day. Customers can stay on their bus and switch from riding the 6 to the 237 without changing their seats. That’s the way the Trip Planner will display the trip, as a matter of fact, as if it’s Route 6 that makes the entire trip.

Republic Square to Colony Park

From the intersection of MLK and Johnny Morris Road, Route 339 heads back northwest along Pecan Brook Drive and Tuscany Way, while the 237 continues to Colony Park. Customers can identify which destination their Route 6 will travel to by looking at the sign on the front of the bus. If it will take over the 237’s routing, the sign will read “East 12th/Colony Park,” and if it will take over the 339’s routing, the sign will read “East 12th/Pecan Brook.”

Benefits of the new Route 337:

  • No longer a need to travel downtown to transfer to a northbound route
  • Better east-west connections
  • Comes every 15 minutes during peak hours

19 thoughts on “A Cap Remap Explainer: Route 37

  1. Debbie M

    I live near Cameron and 51st and like to take the 37 to UT. (Because the CR shuttle no longer exists.) What I’m hearing is that the 337 will replace the part of the route I don’t use. But I can walk north for 10 minutes to get to that route and catch a bus that will take me to another route that will take me downtown. I’d rather just walk west for 20 minutes to get to one of those buses directly.

    I assume your use of the phrase “easy transfer” means that there is no walk between stops or that you just cross a street at a light to get from one stop to the next. But if you’ve ever waited 30 minutes for your second bus in the summer heat after you already walked a while to get to the first bus and then waited several minutes for that, you can understand why some people might not consider that an “easy transfer.”

    I think I might like other parts of that route. But they all go to places where it’s a lot easier to find parking than UT or downtown.

    It looks like under the new system it is only convenient to stay on my side of town. I can use the new 337 to stay north or I can use the 300 to stay east.

    1. Capital Metro

      Hi, thanks for responding. Actually, from Cameron & 51st, there are a couple of options to get to UT fairly easily. The 300 picks up there and you can transfer to the Route 18 at Springdale & MLK. (Both routes serve that intersection.) The 18 will take you to MLK & Red River. It’s about a 30-minute trip, door to door, with a transfer.

      You can also walk to Mueller and Barbara Jordan (about half a mile, so it’s not super close, I realize), and the Route 10 will take you to San Jacinto & 21st. That’s a one-seat ride that takes about 45 minutes.

      All three of those routes are in the High-Frequency Network. What we mean by “easy transfers” is that there are more routes that travel frequently so that you don’t have to wait at a stop for 30 minutes to transfer.

      Please check out capmetro.org/remap and use our Trip Planner to find a trip that best suits your needs. /PJP

      1. Debbie M

        Thank you so much for this response, PJP. I never would have guessed the #10 would be closer to me–I’m used to walking down 51st to Duval to get to that (like, right after I watch the 37 go by from the wrong side of the road). It looks like now I can walk to Broadmoor and Berkman, a shorter and safer walk (though it doesn’t go by Casey’s Snowballs!). And then the #10 is a much more direct route than the #37 was getting to be. And arriving every 15 minutes, while similar to a Barcelona, Spain route *during a strike*, is about as good as it ever gets in Austin, like the old route #1! You’ve convinced me that this will likely actually be better for me, so thanks again!

        I don’t trust routes with transfers, so even though you say it’s quicker, that just doesn’t compute in my brain! Maybe I will learn to trust transfers with your new system. If I ever get get myself to try it!

        I hope the Duval people will still have a good way to get downtown, and I’m sorry you couldn’t help the next commenter. After implementation, I’m sure y’all will be open to tweaks to make it even better.

  2. Melinda Krenek

    The new bus schedule starting June 3rd will take away our transfer bus #464 to and from the train for all state workers. The new bus route proposed won’t work because it’s stops are not close enough to the train or state offices and won’t wait for the train to arrive to pick up people or get close enough to the station and won’t get the workers there on time to ride the train due to regular bus stops. We have veterans that work for the State that ride the 464 that will also have a problem walking to get to the new bus stops to get to the train or even ride the bus only to and from work who are very concerned.
    The bus options are too far to walk for these veterans and state employees. There are a lot of us that ride on the 464 bus in order to be able to get to and from work via train and bus. Since parking will be taken away if we are forced to drive to the Capitol area what are state workers to do when there isn’t enough parking due to Congress closing and parking lots being closed for construction? The replacement bus as well as the 987 and 985 doesn’t pick up close to the buildings where veterans and state workers primarily work and currently use the 464 transfer bus to access the train. Please take this in consideration as our veterans and state employees should not have to struggle with this especially if a long walk is a challenge for them. Please consider adding back the 464 transfer bus as more people than you are aware count on it daily to get to and from work. We count on that transfer bus to get us to work and the train on time!

    1. Capital Metro

      The Route 464 was another that we determined should be replaced in the Cap Remap process. Its service is replaced by the Frequent Route 18, but you’re right. It’s not duplicated exactly and would require a bit more of a walk than with the 464.

      We are able to add so much service through Cap Remap — tripling the number of High-Frequency Local routes — by adjusting the routing of much of our service. To do that with our existing resources (meaning our budget, our fleet size and the number of operators we have), we designed routes that will often require short or medium-length walks.

      The goal of Cap Remap is to provide better service to the most customers, and we believe it does that. Thank you for submitting your comment and please do so again in the future, here or by emailing feedback@capmetro.org. /PJP

  3. Mercedes

    Route 2 is been taken out of my neighborhood. I will now have to leave earlier to walk in the dark to wherever bus 2 route will be. I then will take 350 which will not go to north lamar transit to take 383 to work. More walking. Going home after a long day of work and do more walking and it will be late and walk again through neighborhood to get home. It will take me longer with your new remap.


    So you will have to get on two or 3 other buses to reach downtown? Why remove direct access to downtown to those who need to head south?

    1. Capital Metro

      The goal of these changes is to make a more efficient bus network. So, you might have to transfer to get where you’re going, but in many cases it will be quicker. We also wanted to make it easier and better when getting east to west, and the new Route 337 does that.

      If you try our Trip Planner, you’ll be able to see how your trip will look after June 3. /PJP

  5. Anna

    So what bus routes will serve from HEB and Torchy’s on Mueller to downtown?
    Other than walking an extra mile to catch a 20.

    1. Capital Metro

      The new Route 10 will bring you directly from Berkman & Barbara Jordan downtown to Republic Square and run every 15 minutes, 7 days a week. Our Trip Planner will help you plan your trip throughout our service area. We really think the changes are going to serve many more people much better. /PJP

  6. William B

    I live in the apartments at Park Place at Loyola and I rely on the Route 37 to get to my parents house and I also rely Route 323 and 37 that turn into Route 6 when I go downtown on the weekend or special events that may run until 2 am or 3 am and I take both of bus routes to get home. Now, the routes are getting replaced, what routes will I need to take to get back safely to my place of residence at night without getting mugged or seriously put my safety at risk?

  7. Capital Metro

    Routes 237 and 339 will turn into the 6 going downtown beginning June 3, so that will be similar. The 237 and 337 will provide transfers to the 18 and the 20, which each run every 15 minutes, 7 days a week.

    Our Trip Planner (CapMetro.org/Planner) tool can help you figure out what your ride will look like exactly. Just put in a date after June 3, and it’ll provide the answers. /PJP

    1. William

      Thank you! I worry about my own safety and the safety of my entire community considering the recent events involving two minority gentlemen a couple of months ago and I want the Johnny Morris and University Hills area to be a safe haven for the remaining working class minority groups and low income families living when it comes to our transportation

  8. Jonathan

    This whole Cap Remap thing is a total Clusterfuck, Cap Metro does not have a clue as to how to run a Public Transportation System in a Major City

    1. William

      In all honesty, Austin is completely clueless about transportation and everything else including race relations here in Austin

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