Cap Remap is Coming!

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It’s almost here. Really it is.

Back in the fall of 2015, Capital Metro staffers began the process of looking at our long-term service plan and revising our bus network. We came out of that process in February 2017 with the Connections 2025 Transit Plan, meant to guide our service planning for 10 years.

And guide us it has.

In just about two months, we’ll implement the major parts of the Connections 2025 recommendations with our June service change, which we’re calling Cap Remap. And the great thing about the launch is that the first week will feature free rides for everyone.

You’ve probably heard some about what’s coming. At least we hope you have, because we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for a while now.

More than half of our routes will see some level of change, though only two will be eliminated entirely without their service being replaced (Routes 122 and 970). We’re confident the system will work better. It’ll work better for us as a public agency, because it means we’re using your tax dollars more efficiently and more effectively. And, more importantly, it will work better for you, because it creates a bus network that has more direct routing and is easier to understand.

It will also mean our buses will come much more often. We have four Local routes that operate as part of our High-Frequency Network now. In two months, we’ll triple that number.

That means if you need to get from East Austin to downtown, you’ve got several options to do so on a bus that runs every 15 minutes, 7 days a week. For instance:

  • The 18 will get you from Springdale and MLK to your State job downtown.
  • The 2 will take you from Tillery and Oak Springs to Republic Square.
  • And the Route 4 will bring you from Republic Square to Cap Metro Headquarters at 5th and Pleasant Valley.
Need to turn the 02 to the 03? Our plan can do that.

That’s just a small sampling too. It’s important to notice the many Frequent routes that serve Republic Square, because it gets to another huge asset of the new plan: connectivity. With more buses running more frequently — and on more major corridors — it’ll be easier to transfer from one route to another and to get from one part of the region to another.

And it’s not just downtown either. Northeast Austin has Routes 10, 20, 300, 325 and 335 operating frequently all week long. It also features Route 337, which will partially replace the current Route 37, and connect Colony Park to Koenig and MoPac (serving Reagan High School and ACC Highland on the way). While not technically a part of the High-Frequency Network, the new Route 337 will operate at 15-minute frequencies during the morning and evening peak travel times.

In the coming weeks, we’ll explain more about what you can expect and how you’ll be able to benefit from Cap Remap. We’ll also be at community events throughout the spring, so look for our Join the Movement bus. And, come May, we’ll be out on the streets at transit centers and our stops and stations to answer questions directly.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch to give feedback and ask questions: in the comments here, by emailing or calling our Customer Service GO Line (512-474-1200), and by using the hashtag #CapRemap on social media.

We’re here to help.

15 thoughts on “Cap Remap is Coming!

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  2. Clayton Colwell

    122 needs an alternative *other* than “well, find a car pool”. Y’all need to start boosting the businesses along the 620 corridor between 2222 and 183 to drive up ridership and make an extended route along the current 122 path feasible.

    Start by expanding the route to more than just one northbound route at 615am and 2 southbound routes at 512pm and 612pm.

    1. Capital Metro

      Sorry about that, Chris. I just planned a trip from Oak Knoll & 183 (just to pick a destination that would use the 981) to the Capitol on June 6 at 6:50 a.m., and the 981 was given as an option.

      So, if you try again and receive the same non-response, email me and I’ll see what I can do about that. Thanks for reading and getting in touch.

      /PJP (

      1. Chris Doughty

        Still seeing the same problem. When I search for a starting point of pavillion park and ride and end at lavaca and 6th (which apparently is a stop for 981), and set the date to any day after June 3rd at 7.30am, I get no 981 busses. Only 982 busses. I’ll presume the mapped route is accurate so for now I’m not worried, but it seems odd that none are showing up.

        1. Capital Metro

          OK, I see the problem and have forwarded your response to our Trip Planner team. We’ll see if we can get an answer. It returned a 981 trip when I searched for 6th & Guadalupe, for what it’s worth. And, yes, the mapped route is accurate. I’ll see what we can do about the Trip Planner, though. Sorry for the hassle. /PJP

  3. There is a lot of retail construction and new housing(Windsor at Lantana, Pearl Lantana, Lantana Place among others) around the soon to be cancelled 970 bus route. What are the chances of there being replacement route considering the radical change in demographic in the area?

    1. Falling on deaf ears? This is my work commute and it is simply being cut out. I’ll pose the question again. Is there any body at Capmetro looking into reestablishing service to this area considering the thousands of new housing units and new movie theater being constructed?

      1. Capital Metro

        Sorry we didn’t respond last week when you first commented. The Route 970’s ridership was not at a high enough level for us to be able to devote continued resources to the service. The idea behind Cap Remap was to use our resources to benefit the most people, and so that required difficult decisions such as the elimination of the Route 970.

        We do monitor our service area continually, however, and that takes into account changes to demographics, population and land use. We make changes to our services three times each year and review our entire system every five years. Southwest Austin and the area currently served by the 970 will be included in that review, and we may adjust our services to add the area again if population changes warrant it.

        Please continue to provide us with feedback. It makes a difference. The email address is /PJP

  4. Sara

    Nobody wants this except for you guys.

    You are making it functionally impossible to access the St David’s north Austin campus. Public transit was cost effective for people getting to the hospital. This included the staff who worked there.

    And the ACC Northridge campus for students, AND faculty/staff who depend on transit by removing are routes.

    Instead of eliminating transit routes servicing publically funded resources—why not take pay cuts instead?? Then you’d actually see how people needing public transit live!! Cutting services people need to survive would not be funny.

    1. Capital Metro

      It was a tough decision to remove direct service to St. David’s North Austin, but in order to bring frequent, reliable service to more parts of the region, we had to choose where it made the most sense to direct resources. For instance, Route 325 will provide 15-minute service to the ACC Northridge campus along Metric Blvd. The High-Frequency service will operate 7 days a week, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends. See this map for details:,-97.70327,z17&dir=0.

    2. Sara,

      At least you got a response and a “tough luck” message. My complaint of my cancelled work route didn’t even get a response. I don’t understand why Capmetro would offer these kinds of public forums if they don’t take on the responsibility of taking comments seriously. It seems they just respond with affirmation of why the decision they made was right as opposed to addressing our concerns.

  5. sara

    There should be nothing ‘tough’ about keeping service at a medical facility receiving federal funding through the Medicaid program. People need medical care to stay alive.

    Unless of course one does not believe people deserve access to medical care

  6. Cindy Lang

    Remapping CapMetro to use resources to benefit the most people should not mean cutting services for people who need the bus the most. Are the SXSW’ers and rich downtowners more important than the people who live in the neighborhoods? You have great bus service downtown, where 90% of the people of Austin have no cause to go. We need a change of leadership at CapMetro, planners who mitigate the problems caused by gentrification rather than exacerbating them.

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