New Rail Schedule Rolls Out March 19


Capital Metro will put in place a new MetroRail schedule next week for evaluation. We’ll operate on this new schedule beginning the week of March 19 and evaluate how the service performs. The new schedule was developed in response to recent service disruptions on the MetroRail Red Line.


Please refer to these schedules, beginning March 19:

The agency is currently working on two major construction projects along the 32-mile rail line. These projects are an investment in the future of MetroRail, and will pay off with doubled frequency and capacity. Capital Metro is building additional passing points along the MetroRail route that will enable the service — once the new Downtown Station is completed — to double its frequency and capacity. The other project is implementing a federally mandated positive train control system, which will ensure the long-term safety and security of the service.

The projects will continue throughout 2018, and some service disruptions can be expected for the remainder of the year. During the week of March 19, though, we will evaluate the new schedule, which should minimize service disruptions. To ensure the transition will be seamless, routes for rail connector buses have been adjusted as well.

3 thoughts on “New Rail Schedule Rolls Out March 19

  1. Jeanne Ayers

    Dear Sir/Madam at CapMetro,

    I have been riding the train/bus system since February of 2011. I went through the original “growing pains” of twice weekly breakdowns, slowdowns and rainy day non-appearances (and having to use my vacation time for CapMetro delays). Last year, I dealt with the horrible mess of a different bus driver every day for every leg of my trip (243 (bus) to Howard (train) to 465 (bus) at MLK), which by the way was the absolute WORST idea in the realm of horrible ideas ever (don’t even get me started – I have several stories about that nightmare). Now, with the “shadow” trains, I can actually get a seat (I’m 60 and have rheumatoid arthritis) without having to ride downtown first, but unfortunately, the 243 (bus) doesn’t wait for the first train to actually get to get to Howard, much less the second. So, now the “new” plan is to have no “shadow” train the during the early 4pm hour. This is the 2nd worst idea in the realm of horrible ideas ever. You actually had the issue fixed (except for SXSW – which was actually not difficult to deal with this year – good job finally) and now you want to screw us again. PLUS, the afternoon bus driver didn’t know anything about this, so after I went in and had to change my work schedule to accommodate CapMetro, my 4pm bus didn’t come until after 4:10 and the 4:17 train had already gone by the time we got there, so we had to wait for the 4:49. If I had not driven to Howard yesterday morning, I would have been waiting for my (243) bus to get to TechRidge in the afternoon, also.

    When I lived in Burnet and got on and off strictly at Leander, I had a 2 ½ hour commute (60 miles one way at 5pm) every day. I now live in Round Rock, leave work at 3:45 and it took 2 hours to get home (16 miles one way)- there is something very wrong with this picture. Plus, now I understand that the 465 route is to be removed in June…how are we supposed to get to and from the MLK Jr station to work every day? Are you just trying to make the UT students and employees stop riding? Because that is how it feels to me. There are several of us “older” riders that this will impact heavily in addition to students who now have no personal transportation or require special needs.

    I am aware that this email will probably just go in the trash, in spite of the campaigns to “help us evaluate” and “During the week of March 19, we’ve put in place a new schedule that will enable you to get where you need to go with more confidence.” Unfortunately, I am losing the confidence that I once had in this system. I used to encourage everyone to ride, but I just don’t say anything anymore. I am really sorry to have come to feel this way, because almost all of the bus drivers, all of the engineers and most of the fare enforcers have been really nice and helpful people.


    1. Capital Metro

      A response from Roberto Gonzalez, of our Planning Department:

      Ms. Ayers,

      I read through your post and I wanted to assure you that we are reading all comments that are being received. Our system is undergoing some growth, both in ridership and in physical construction projects (such as adding extra track that will allow our trains to pass one another in more places). Our new trains arrived last year in time for us to insert them into service this January. Unfortunately, the improvement projects has affected the speeds of the trains, and we had to redesign the schedule to help improve the timeliness of the schedule. Work is not complete on the line and we will still have to work closely to accommodate the construction while maintaining service.

      On your experience yesterday, I want to say that this was something we did not want to happen. Just like we worked over the past several days to alert all riders of the coming changes, we also worked to alert all internal staff (including bus operators of Routes 464 and 465) of the changes. So, I am sorry that our operator was not aware. This should not have happened.

      I wanted to let you know that in June of this year we will be eliminating only Route 464 MLK/Capitol and NOT Route 465 MLK/UT. We know that we have a number of riders on Route 465 and that will remain in place. For new changes in June, you can view the following website: There, you can click on an interactive map that will show all the routes (including Route 465) that will be in service in June, and you can also select just your route and see its individual route map.

      Again, I wanted to assure you that we are reading all information as it comes in, and I also wanted to provide you with some additional background as to the reason for the recent changes.

      I’d be happy to speak to you further and answer any additional questions you may have.


      Roberto Gonzalez
      Capital Metro – Planning

  2. John Baker

    When will the Kramer Station be designated a quiet zone? There are a number of new apartments in the area and the train horns are a nuisance, with extremely high decibel levels inside the apartments after midnight.

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