Try Transit to Get to the Central Library Grand Opening!

Rendering from Austin Public Library

Have you seen the pictures? Have you read about all the featured attractions?

Austin’s about to get a brand new Central Library and it looks fantastic. It’s gonna have a million things on offer:

  • Reading porches that overlook Shoal Creek and Lady Bird Lake
  • A central atrium
  • A rooftop garden
  • Something called a Tech Petting Zoo
  • A “37-foot-tall kinetic sculpture that resembles a cuckoo clock with a swinging pendulum”!
  • Also, it’s got books. Literal stacks on stacks of books.

I mean … it sounds great, right?

And you’ll be able to see it for the first time on Saturday, Oct. 28 at the grand opening. That is, if you can get down there. You know, with the traffic and the parking and the headaches. That’s where Cap Metro comes in.

We’re providing free Park & Ride services from 5 Austin Public Library locations for the grand opening, giving you the chance to avoid the hassle and fees that come with trying to get (and park) downtown. From noon to 5 p.m., you can park at any of the 5 library locations listed below, go inside to request your free Local Day Pass and then hop on the bus downtown. Cap Metro staff will be down there to help guide you to the new Central Library.


  1. Carver Branch | 1161 Angelina Street | Routes 2, 6
  2. Little Walnut Creek Branch | 835 West Rundberg Lane | Routes 1, 801
  3. Pleasant Hill Branch | 211 East William Cannon Drive | Routes 1, 801
  4. Recycled Reads Bookstore | 5335 Burnet Road | Routes 3, 803
  5. Ruiz Branch | 1600 Grove Boulevard | Route 20

To plan your trip to the grand opening (or anywhere else), visit

6 thoughts on “Try Transit to Get to the Central Library Grand Opening!

  1. Robin

    honestly—central library only has two forms of public transit?? I realize very few of you actually do depend on public transit, but this is absurd. How are people going to the building if the cannot drive?? Or if they don’t live on the 3/803. And this includes the staff. Common sense goes a long way.

    1. Capital Metro

      That’s great to hear! We’re so glad you were able to take advantage of it and see the new library. And don’t be a stranger … please ride again!

      Thanks for trying transit! /PJP

  2. Robin

    so when are you guys actually going to put the SB 803 stop actually at the Central Library?? Like so people unable to drive can get there and back without killing ourselves in heat??

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