Connections 2025: Get Ready for Big Changes


Capital Metro is super excited to announce that the first significant changes coming out of Connections 2025 are scheduled to go into effect in June 2018. These proposed changes will go before our board for approval on November 15, but only after going through an extensive public input process.

The changes would affect almost every route in our system. In fact, more than half of our current 82 routes will see some level of change, with just 38 remaining the same after June 2018. The great news is that these changes will make for a more tightly integrated bus system that has more frequent service. It’s true that 14 current routes are proposed to be eliminated, but most riders of these routes will see comparable and likely even better service replace their current route.

Also, fixed-route service along low-ridership segments of Dessau, Steck and Mesa, Walsh Tarlton and Convict Hill will not be eliminated in this round of changes. These segments will transition to Mobility Innovation Zone pilot projects in 2019 after further study, public input and board approval.

We know that many of y’all are excited for the improvements that will come with the expanded High-Frequency Route Network. Those routes will provide service at least every 15 minutes seven days a week to 80 percent of our riders. So you may wonder why we don’t do this even sooner than next June. We made this decision for many reasons:

  • We need time to build new bus stops and sidewalks connections.
  • We also need to work with the city to incorporate transit priority treatments to traffic signals, allowing our buses to move more quickly and efficiently through the congestion.
  • Making changes in June minimizes disruptions to student commutes.
  • There are simply fewer vehicles on the roads in June. This will allow us to start the revised service in a “quieter” time and make any necessary tweaks in August, when the city’s business picks back up.

prm-161207-service-change-infographic-update_v22We do have some Connections 2025 changes coming sooner, though. MetroRapid Routes 801 and 803 will increase their frequencies in August, with weekday frequency increasing to every 10 minutes and weekend frequency to every 15 minutes. The service will operate until 2:30 a.m. on weekends … the first step toward 24/7 MetroRapid service!

We know the next question you’ll have is, “Which routes will be proposed to change?” We’re working on finalizing that list now and will produce a brochure to explain all the changes. We should be ready to present our proposal shortly after Labor Day, so look for the brochures on buses and in mid-September. And, just like we always do with our service change process, we’ll also offer several opportunities for you to provide feedback on the proposed changes, including at public meetings the week of September 25. In addition to those formal meetings, our team will go to bus stops, back-to-school events, festivals and neighborhood meetings. Please check our online calendar in August for dates, times and locations.

For more information on the transit plan, please visit Questions may be directed to 512-369-6000 or


11 thoughts on “Connections 2025: Get Ready for Big Changes

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  2. Robin Orlowski

    How am I supposed to get around if 383 is deleted. This is the only route servicing the N Lamar transit center directly.

    1. Capital Metro

      Hi Robin,
      Connections 2025 will likely change how you get from point A to point B. We anticipate you’ll still be able to travel to many of the same destinations you do today but the routes you take to get there may change. Where are you traveling to? We can try to create a trip plan for you using the new Connections 2025 network. ^AP

  3. Julie Moore

    Will the 21/22 Exposition Route be eliminated in 2018? I know you have gotten feedback to keep that route down Exposition. I work at the library in the middle of Exposition Blvd and with the new plan there is no way to get to the library anymore.

    1. Capital Metro

      The 21/22 is proposed to be eliminated. We think the service that would replace that route would work better as a part of our bus system. Routes 18 and and 335 would still serve Exposition Blvd. and at 15 minute intervals, 7 days a week.

      There is not a bus stop directly in front of the library in the proposed changes, that’s true. So, depending which direction you’re coming from, you would have a 5-10 minute walk from your stop. However, we think the gains brought by the frequency increases for many of our routes outweigh what would be lost in the current more direct service for some of our riders. Rather than running at 30-minute intervals during parts of the weekday and more than an hour on the weekends (like the current 21/22), the proposed 18 and 335 would run every 15 minutes, 7 days a week.

      We will be at the Howson Branch Library September 25 at 5:30 to host a public meeting. Please join us to hear about the proposal and to offer comments.

      Thanks. /PJP

        1. Capital Metro

          The proposal calls for Route 335 to travel west on 35th before turning south on Exposition. It would then turn back east on Westover. Final locations of bus stops have not been determined, but Exposition and Westover is the intersection that would probably be closest to the Howson Branch Library when coming from 35th Street.

          1. Julie Moore

            Was there a consideration of turning at Windsor Rd where there are many businesses including a post office and library? Many civic meetings are held in our meeting room at the library. Severe elderly people attend those meetings that do not own cars and do not walk. I am just concerned about cutting off access to a public library.

          2. Capital Metro

            You’ll have to attend our public meetings for that kind of information, I’m afraid. I don’t know what went into the decision-making process on that granular a level. I do know that our planning department has spent the past 18 months looking at the system as a whole, figuring out what’s best for the entire service area. We will be at the Howson Library September 25 and welcome comments and questions. Thank you. /PJP

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