Bridge work to affect MetroRail service

LEANDER STATIONTrain service will be affected in June when Capital Metro makes scheduled upgrades to the MetroRail Red Line on a bridge between Lakeline and Leander Stations. But don’t worry, Leanderites — Leandereans? Leanderthals? Leanderers? Leandermenandwomen? — we’ve got you covered whatever y’all call yourselves.

The last morning departure from Leander to Downtown Station and the first afternoon train from downtown to Leander will not run between Monday, June 5 and Friday, June 30. Capital Metro will instead provide bus service between Lakeline and Leander Stations for those affected by the stoppage.

Riders traveling southbound from Leander on the 8:40 a.m. train will board a dedicated bus that takes them to Lakeline Station, where they’ll be able to catch the 9:22 a.m. train. Customers traveling northbound to Leander on the 3:44 p.m. departure from Downtown Station will transfer at Lakeline Station to a dedicated bus that will take them to Leander. The Capital Metro website has complete MetroRail schedules.

A portion of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail will also close temporarily, due to the railroad construction. The closed portion of the trail is between Brushy Creek Sports Park and the 183A Trailhead.

While the bridge work is under construction, Williamson County will perform needed repairs to the adjacent boardwalk. There is no alternate route available for this portion of the trail, and so, for safety reasons, the trail and construction area will be completely fenced off and not open to the public during construction. Progress will be assessed throughout the construction period to determine if more time will be needed or, perhaps, if the trail can be reopened ahead of schedule.

The bridge work is required to enable long-term speed, safety and reliability enhancements along the Red Line.

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