The Best Month on Two Wheels

0137_Brio PhotographyLike a Matryoshka doll designed to get you out of your car and onto two wheels, this month nests a special day inside a special week inside a special month. May is National Bike Month, next week is National Bike to Work Week and Bike to Work Day is May 19.

Capital Metro is doing its part to help make it all happen. We’re proud of the fact that the League of American Bicyclists has rated Capital Metro as a Gold-Level Bike Friendly Business and are doing our best to improve on that rating.

All of our Local and MetroRapid vehicles have bike racks. Our MetroExpress buses have compartments to store two bikes each. MetroRail trains have racks for four bikes in each compartment for a total of eight, plus plenty of room to stand with your bikes (though admittedly that will be tougher during peak times). We also have seven permanent, secure bike shelters located at MetroRail and MetroRapid stations that allow you to leave your bicycles behind if the train or bus is too full, or for when we get you close enough to walk to your destination.

These are great and convenient things, it’s true. But Cap Metro is also working with the city of Austin to make getting around without your car even easier. We’re well on our way to implement big changes in the Capital Metro transit system, which will begin to be put in place this summer and really kick into gear in 2018.

  • The August 2017 Service Change will see increased frequencies for our two MetroRapid routes, which will run every 10 minutes throughout weekday peak times and add late-night service, too. This will make it even more convenient to leave your car at home when traveling the city’s busiest corridors: North Lamar to South Congress and Burnet Road to South Lamar.
  • We’re putting the finishing touches on several improvements to MetroRail that will enable Cap Metro to add capacity to that service. While we won’t be able to fully double frequency and capacity until our new Downtown Station is completed, these first improvements will let us run more trains by 2018.
  • Next year is also when Connections 2025 changes are scheduled to really ramp up. The successful High-Frequency Network will add another dozen routes, probably in 2018, bringing more convenience and connection to our east-west service and throughout the system.

When you couple this improved transit service with infrastructure improvements the city is beginning to make, you get ever closer to a truly multi-modal transportation system that will let all of us get around more safely, more conveniently and with less hassle.

And, just to remind us all that riding your bike is a fun thing to do, there’s gonna be a Bike to Work Day after-party at the Google Fiber Space May 19. So, saddle up, ride to work and then head downtown to the party.

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