Metro Security Vehicles Get New Look

Security Vehicles
Capital Metro Interim Director of Security John Jones is flanked by Assistant APD Chief Joseph Chacon (left) and Commander Darryl Jamail (right).

Capital Metro’s Security force presented its rebranded vehicles to the agency’s board of directors at its meeting last week.

The vehicles were rebranded to more closely resemble the Austin Police Department’s fleet of black and white patrol cars. As retired APD Sgt. John Jones says, they “act as a force multiplier for the Austin Police Department.” Jones is Capital Metro’s interim director of security.

Capital Metro employs 160 off-duty APD officers to serve as the agency’s security force. That’s a significant increase from the four off-duty APD officers originally hired to staff its security department in 1988. Cap Metro is the largest employer of off-duty police officers in the region.

The Metro Security officers work more than 45,000 hours each year and provide 24/7 coverage of our 535-square-mile service area, as well as the 132-mile rail corridor. The officers respond to service calls on buses, trains and paratransit vehicles, in addition to seven Park & Rides and nine rail platforms.

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