Help Us Shape the Future of Central Texas Transit!

Vortex mapCapital Metro is working with local agencies, stakeholders and YOU to design a connected high-capacity transit system for improved travel into, out of and around Central Austin — the goal of Project Connect. Don’t worry, though. Instead of starting from scratch by conducting more studies, we’re taking transportation studies completed in recent years by both public and private organizations and — together with Central Texans — deciding which projects will move us all forward.

What is High-Capacity Transit?

Transit that includes these features:

  • Dedicated lanes or guideways with traffic signal priority if running in mixed traffic.
  • High frequencies (every 15 minutes or better).
  • Stations that are a significant part of the surrounding environment and are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Uses technology to enhance the passenger experience.

Some examples are: commuter rail, bus rapid transit (BRT) and streetcar.

0113_BrioPhotographyCapital Metro kicked off the two-year Project Connect initiative with the Traffic Jam! event held with the city of Austin on March 4. This public workshop gave Central Texas residents a chance to learn about the regional approaches agencies are taking to solve our transportation dilemmas.

Frequently asked questions

If you missed the Traffic Jam! event, no worries. We’re just beginning the process of developing the Project Connect regional high-capacity transit plan, and we still need your help.

Take our quick two-part survey

Tell us where you’d like to see high-capacity transit (Investment Corridors) and what enhancements you’d like to see on Capital Metro’s existing high-capacity services like MetroRapid, MetroExpress and MetroRail (Enhancement Projects).

Access the online surveySurveys

There are a few other ways you can participate in Project Connect:

  • You can share your thoughts by emailing
  • You can meet the Project Connect team and see presentations on the plan at upcoming open houses or through online webinars.
  • Your organization can request a briefing.
  • You’ll also see Project Connect booths popping up at a variety of community events so we can talk to people and get the word out.

Now is the time to let us know what you think, so share your feedback today!

2 thoughts on “Help Us Shape the Future of Central Texas Transit!

  1. The entire framework being used is dishonest – as I told Cap Metro last fall in person. Pushing Lamar/Guadalupe down to the “connector corridor” is clearly yet another indicator that they have a predetermined outcome in mind – that they will not make major capital investments (i.e. light rail) there.

    1. Capital Metro

      We recently kicked off public engagement for Project Connect with the Traffic Jam on March 4. The Project Connect team is formally fielding feedback through the survey linked above and via email at Comments posted to social media pages and this blog are not collected or recorded by the Project Connect team. ^AP

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