Getting Noticed!

generalalertYou may have noticed new colorful graphics appearing on Capital Metro’s Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ve developed these special graphics to notify riders about a variety of situations that can affect bus and train service — and your riding experience. It’s our goal to get this information out to our customers as soon as we learn of service impacts from bus and rail operations departments. And as a situation evolves, we provide updates.What kind of service impacts are we talking about?
Construction, track maintenance, severe weather, mechanical issues, police activity, bus stop closures, holidays and special events all have the potential to delay or disrupt bus and train service. Our goal is to minimize delays and disruptions, while providing you with safe, timely service. So, when service disruptions and delays are being experienced, we want you to have the information you need to help you plan your trip.


Social icons
mechanicalissueCapital Metro’s new attention-getting notifications will include one of these graphics, accompanied by posts that will provide you with more details. This way, these important messages don’t get lost in your social media feed.

When service is impacted, you’ll now see visual and written cues specific to the affected service. Each call-out graphic is color-coded, features a related icon and text that describes the type of issue being experienced. Yellow alerts will usually be informational — stuff you’d like to know ahead of time. Whereas the red alerts will be for alerts that are more important and that will have a significant impact on your commute or other transit ride.


Get alerts!
In addition to posting service alerts on social media, we also alert our customers in a variety of other ways. Bus Service Alerts, including stop closures and detours, are featured on our website. Special Rider Alerts are also sent by email to subscribers. Users of the CapMetro App also get alerts via the app for extenuating service issues.

We know time and reliability of our services are important to you, and so we hope that you’ll check us out online, follow us on social media, download the app and subscribe to receive rider alerts to keep up with us.




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