Capital Metro Premium Fare Reduction to Begin Next Month; Premium passes will no longer be sold in retail outlets after Thursday, Dec. 15

new-fares-chartNext month, Capital Metro will reduce fares for MetroRapid and MetroFlyer routes by eliminiating the Premium fare category.

Effective Jan. 8, 2017, all Local, MetroRapid and MetroFlyer service will cost $1.25 for a Single Ride, $2.50 for a Day Pass, $11.25 for a 7-Day Pass and $41.25 for a 31-Day Pass.   

Premium passes will no longer be sold in retail outlets after Thursday, Dec. 15, however tickets will still be available for purchase at the Transit Store or on the CapMetro App.  

The fare reduction came about as a recommendation from Connections 2025, a 5-year planning study designed to improve the frequency, reliability and connectivity of the Capital Metro bus system. The goal of the fare reduction is to create an easier-to-understand fare structure and a transit system that is simpler to use. 

For more information about the fare reduction, visit Additional details about Connections 2025, including an online interactive map and video, can be found at 

January 2017 Express Route Changes Postponed 

Due to delayed construction on the MoPac Express Lanes, changes to MetroExpress Routes 982, 983, 985 and 987, and the creation of new Routes 980 and 981, will not be implemented on Jan. 8, 2017. The changes will occur in a subsequent service change sometime later in 2017. The changes were approved by the Capital Metro board in Sept. 2016. 

For more information on the MoPac Express Lanes, please visit the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s project website at 

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