New almost here

new-siteThe wait is almost over.

Well, most of you haven’t been waiting that long, but we here at Capital Metro have been working behind the scenes for about 2 years on our new website. We put up a version of the site a month ago to allow you a preview, and we’ve heard some great feedback and worked out a few kinks.

But, in 2 more days, it won’t be “the new site” or “the preview site” or “the beta site,” or any of the names we’ve been calling it all these months. It’ll just be our website. And, we’re excited about that and look forward to you being able to use it full time.

(The site will, however, be unavailable for a limited amount of time during the transfer from old to new beginning Wednesday at 8 p.m. We recommend you use the CapMetro App or call the Customer Service GO Line at 512-474-1200 for all of your trip-planning needs during that time.)

We conducted user experience-based research throughout the development process, and we think it’s a better, cleaner, more informative and a more modern website. We hope you’ll think so too.

You’ll notice that the new site has some really nice new features. Some of these include:

  • A responsive design that allows the look and feel to stay consistent while adjusting to various mobile devices with different screen sizes.
  • A full range of accessibility features for our customers with disabilities.
  • More white space and simplified copy to make finding what you are looking for easier and faster.
  • New and improved trip planning features.

In the days and weeks and months ahead, we’ll continue to work on the site, trying to make it better. So, take a look at the preview and get ready for a new to appear late Wednesday evening.

2 thoughts on “New almost here

  1. Trevor

    I have to give honest feedback: the trip planner is now confusing and hard to read. Previously, using the trip planner was a delight, you could see three horizonta tabs with potential routes when entering in a destination & origin point. This new trip planner obscures the numbers of the bus has a vertical pop-up that disappears easily if you’re not directly positioning your mouse on it and looks bulky as well as cluttered. Please bring back the original trip planner as for those of us who rely on public transit and have for decades, it’s important to be able to quickly see the available routes and times. The trip planner that is currently on the new website is barely usable on desktop laptop and mobile phone I spent so much time trying to get it to work find the bus times while at the bus stop just yesterday that by the time I looked up again the bus was already arriving. It was not the first time i had used the new planner, i have been trying to see for a couple of weeks if Metro would come to its senses and go back to an easy-to-use design. And I do IT work, I’m familiar with Windows and Mac operating systems I have used the trip planner for many years it is amazing to me how non-user friendly the new trip planner is, it is barely functional. The website design is not user-friendly either what would’ve taken one or two clicks now takes five or six if you’re lucky. Please please please Bring back the old website it was easy-to-use and tons more reliable. The new website is the opposite. I build websites for my business and understand what ease-of-use means and I’m online a lot. I’ve used the public transit systems in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Seattle and other cities. The new website is not user-friendly. I do not know why you chose to fix something that was not broken. If you do not choose to make the website easy to use again at least bring back the old trip planner as that Is a super valuable tool and it is a shame to make it nearly useless with your current design.

  2. The above commenter is correct in these concerns. The new trip planner is slow, unreliable, and often leaves me to miss the bus or takes at least 5 minutes to even get the correct stop (unless you are standing AT the stop and looking directly at the stop ID; for instance: walking to Guadalupe & 30th Street, if i type in guadalupe & 30th street, it gives me two options. It does not clarify which stop is the northbound stop and which is the soundbound stop until you click onto it and load up the next few buses.

    It used to be easy and take less than 60 seconds for me to load up the old site or the old app and find my stop and what buses were coming. I could even easily see the bus on a map. Now, it’s SO SLOW to load because it’s trying to load 100 different things that we DO NOT NEED in order to check the next buses. There are many times where a couple of minutes will make or break your trip- the app adds so much time that often i will just wait for one particular bus because it’s too much trouble to go check other stops for other routes (example: When you’re waiting for the 1 bus, but it’s delayed- because the stops are separated across a traffic light downtown, it’s not possible to just run over when you see it coming. But if you knew it was coming in 3 minutes, you could walk over to it. But, since the stops are totally separate between rapid and local, the app makes you ‘re-search’ the stops nearby if you don’t know the number and it takes more than a few minutes, sometimes not being worth it. The previous app would have been less than 30-40 seconds to just find the stop and check it.)

    Also, worth noting: Over the months, it seems the night owl routes don’t show up properly at certain stops- Guadalupe & 30th for example. It will not show me the nightowl routes in the next departure- I have to always check google maps for the exact time and hope it comes then– but if I check a stop that’s a mile in either direction from that stop- it will show the 481’s arrival.

    I’m very disappointed that you guys decided to fix something that wasn’t broken in the slightest. I’m even more upset that you took away the ability to even use it. Why kill the old API? Why not just let us folks who prefer the old departure feature at — it just has been one slap in the face after another with these “updates”. Very disappointed in the ‘progress’ in this particular department.

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