Cap Metro sees ridership increase from high-frequency routes — more on the way!

Source: Texas Tribune

The Texas Tribune recently posted an article on the various ways in which the state’s largest transit agencies are trying to increase their ridership numbers. It focused heavily on the system plan Houston Metro implemented last year and the success the agency has seen since, a 3.3 percent increase since September 2015.

The article noted that Capital Metro is the only other major transit agency in the state to see an uptick in ridership during that time. Our 0.5 percent bump isn’t as significant as Houston Metro’s, but it’s a bright spot in our ridership, driven in part by the successful launch of six High-Frequency Routes in June 2015.

What’s even bigger news, though, is what’s going to happen over the next few years as we begin to implement the transformation of our own bus system, called Connections 2025. The revamp has been in the planning stage for the past year, and we’ve received a ton of input from the community, both from our riders and those who haven’t yet taken advantage of our services.

Once the plan is approved by our board of directors in January, we would put in place changes over the next several years that would greatly increase the frequency of many of our bus routes, much like Houston Metro has done. Improvements include tripling the number of routes in our Frequent Route Network (from 6 to 17) and doubling the number of MetroRapid routes (from 2 to 4). We’d also add more east-west service, which is another improvement requested by our riders.

Be on the lookout January 8 when the first step of Connections 2025 takes effect, the elimination of our Premium fare level, which will reduce the costs of taking MetroRapid and MetroFlyer routes.

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