Oh, YAY! CapMetro App hits 100K

0096_brio-photographyOh, snap! One of y’all did it, and we’re grateful for it. We’re not sure who it was, but someone out there last week put the CapMetro App on their phone and pushed us past a milestone: 100,000 accounts.

Capital Metro was among the first transit agencies in the country to launch a mobile app that not only provides maps and timetables, but also gives departure information in real-time and allows users to purchase a digital ticket. That happened in January 2014, and since then more than 100,000 of you have put it on your phone and gotten down to the business of planning a trip, buying a ticket and riding a bus or train.

That’s a full DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium of CapMetro Apps! That’s as if everyone in San Angelo got the app. That’s the same as a 11 ½ capacity crowds of CapMetro Apps at the Cedar Park Center.

OK, this may have gotten a bit silly, but you get the idea. It’s a lot of people taking public transit and using the tools we’ve designed to make doing so easier.

The great thing about the CapMetro App is that it turns your phone into a pass. With the app, you can buy:

  • Day Passes (Local, Premium and Commuter)
  • 7-Day Passes (Local, Premium and Commuter)
  • 31-Day Passes (Local, Premium and Commuter)
  • Reduced Fare 31-Day Passes (Local, Premium and Commuter)
  • MetroAccess Single Ride, 10-Ride and monthly passes

When planning a trip with the app, you can select favorite destinations, designate specific routes and trips so that you can return to them often, and customize a trip to determine which mode (MetroRapid or Local bus, for example, or perhaps to decide between the MetroRail or a MetroFlyer route).

What we’re saying here is that the CapMetro App is great, and a whole lot of you are using it. Thanks for that!

And, for those who aren’t yet using it, please give it a shot. You’ll be glad you did. It’s available by visiting the app store for your Apple, Android or Windows mobile device. You can also buy and manage your CapMetro App passes with our Online Marketplace.

3 thoughts on “Oh, YAY! CapMetro App hits 100K

  1. ACCfall2017

    how to do purchase the Reduced Fare 31-Day Passes (Local, Premium and Commuter) in the app store? Also do the ACC green passes cover CARTS commuter buses?

    1. Capital Metro

      Unfortunately, Carts does not participate in the ACC green pass program. If you are already getting reduced fare, you can call the Go Line and they will add it to your APP account. If you are not a customer then you need to apply at the Transit Store.

  2. Donald Dickson

    Ever since the “update” a few months ago the app has been giving out bad information, which is worse than giving out no information at all. Buses yet to arrive are said to have arrived five minutes ago. Next departure data often seems to be schedule data rather than real-time data, or to jump back and forth between the two. From a Next Departure screen you have to tap through five or six screens to activate a ticket, including tapping on buttons that appear on different areas of the screen and tapping on one button that actually jumps to a different position on the screen as you’re trying to tap it. (When I have purchased a ticket why can’t I just tap an icon on my phone’s home screen to activate it as I board the bus?) Next departure data will often say something like (paraphrasing) “time shown adjusted for schedule modifications.” What does that mean? WHAT schedule modifications? Does that mean it isn’t real-time data? Does that mean the bus will be here at 7:21 p.m. “but maybe not?” Does it mean the bus may not even stop here? And then you have the nerve to say “Capital Metro is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the information provided by this application.” But you ARE responsible for this data, it’s YOUR data and YOUR app! Please, do better than this. I’d be happy to be part of a developer’s user group for improving the app.

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