The Austin Collective: Artist Talk

Saturday, November 12, 4-5 p.m. | Calles Building, 507 Calles St. | Free admission

ac-screenshot-tumblrFor those wanting more insight into the photographer’s experiences documenting the city’s transit riders for The Austin Collective project, Capital Metro will host a related artist talk featuring Daniel Doggett, Phil Kline, Liz Moskowitz and Christian Rudman. Those who wish to attend can plan their trip to the Calles Building on Capital Metro’s Trip Planner, also available on the CapMetro App. MetroBus Routes 4 and 17 have stops nearby.

The panel will include:

Daniel Doggett formally studied folklore and anthropology in Arizona, and then studied local archaeology and Mandarin in Sichuan, China. It was in Austin that he began to embrace and experiment with documentary filmmaking. Today, Daniel’s approach is all about intimacy with the subject, capturing real moments of insight and framing the shot in a way that says something about the subject’s relationship to his or her world.

Phil Kline was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He studied at the Film School at Columbia College in Chicago and at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The human being — more specifically, our involvement in subcultures and how we define ourselves and relate to others — has always fascinated him. Portrait photography allows Phil the opportunity to explore these interests.

Liz Moskowitz is a freelance visual storyteller. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she developed a curiosity early on for creative expression and the human condition. She studied English and photojournalism at The University of Texas at Austin and, after graduation, lived in Hong Kong for a year. Photography allows her to explore the unfamiliar and shine a light on issues she finds meaningful. She most recently completed photo projects on youth homelessness, taxidermy and east Austin churches.

Christian Rudman didn’t pursue photography until 2008, when he lost a close friend in an auto accident. He then took up photography in an attempt to process his grief. Though he studied photography for a semester at Austin Community College, he is primarily self-taught. Now he collaborates with his friend and business partner, Taylor King, through their company, Kindred Fold. They work to capture everything from smaller, more intimate stories to large commercial and advertising projects.

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