Connections 2025: Update on Route 663


Capital Metro has been taking community feedback on the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan since late August. We’ve heard from thousands of Central Texans across our region. Now, we’re beginning to make adjustments to the proposal based on your feedback. Today, staff presented potential changes to the Capital Metro board of directors.

We’ve heard from many UT students about the proposal to replace Route 663 with other routes. Over the past two months, we’ve talked with students online, by email and on campus at the UT Shuttle Bus Committee and Student Government. We even wrote a blog post to give you more information on our proposal. Our Planning Team has been working hard to understand the UT community’s concerns while also staying mindful of best practices and transit design principles.

Before you read on, it’s important to remember that any changes to Route 663 will not happen immediately. The only change our board of directors has approved is for Express route service on MoPac, beginning in early 2017. Once Capital Metro is ready to make changes to Route 663 service, we would go through a new round of community meetings before implementation, this could be later in 2017, or beyond.

We’ve now adjusted our proposal to reinstate Route 663:

663-1Original Proposal

  • Route 663 replaced by Routes 18, MetroRapid 804
  • More frequency to the Lake Austin student housing area with later operating hours
  • Expanded weekend service
  • Route 18 would offer service from Brackenridge Apartments, directly to UT, every 15 minutes
  • MetroRapid 804 would offer service between Brackenridge Apartments and downtown
    • Students could transfer to UT in downtown
    • 24/7 service, running every 10 minutes during peak hours

Revised Proposal

  • Maintain Route 663 as regular, Local Capital Metro route
    • Running every 15 minutes during peak times
    • Running every 30 minutes during off peak weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • All-week, 7-day service
  • Route 18 would still offer direct service to UT, every 15 minutes
  • MetroRapid Route 804 would no longer run to Brackenridge Apartments, stopping east of MoPact near the Gateway Apartments

What’s next? Connections 2025 is still a draft plan at this time that continues changing based on feedback. Our team is carefully reviewing each and every response we receive as we work on finalizing this plan. The Capital Metro board will further evaluate the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan and will decide on a course to move forward with.

We continue taking feedback at as the Draft Transit Plan has not been finalized. We anticipate our board of directors to vote on Final Transit Plan in December.

Visit to see the updated Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan interactive map revised today.

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