Capital Metro to Lower MetroRapid, Flyer Fares in January

The Capital Metro board of directors voted unanimously today to eliminate the Premium category of the agency’s fare structure, which will take effect Jan. 8, 2017. Currently, the Premium fare includes two MetroRapid routes and nine Flyer routes, all of which feature fewer stops compared to Local service.

With this change, all Local, MetroRapid and Flyer service will cost $1.25 for a Single Ride, $2.50 for a Day Pass, $11.25 for a 7-Day Pass and $41.25 for a 31-Day Pass.


The fare reduction will be the first service initiative implemented as part of Connections 2025, a year-long comprehensive planning study that involved a top-to-bottom review of the agency’s entire bus system. The goal of the fare reduction is to enhance connectivity within the bus network to make it easier for customers to move around the system.

The Capital Metro board will vote in December on the remaining initiatives included in the Connections 2025 draft transit plan. Key elements of the plan involve increasing the number of high-frequency routes from six to 17, doubling the number of MetroRapid routes and creating more east-to-west service. The goal of the plan is to create a blueprint for a simplified and stronger bus network by offering more frequency, reliability and connections.

For more information about the fare reduction, visit Additional details about Connections 2025, including an online interactive map and video, can be found at

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