Connections 2025 – September Update

A big thanks to those who have commented on the Connections 2025 Draft Transit Plan so far. The draft plan, which proposes a new transit network to address the region’s growth, is based on what we heard in community meetings earlier this year: a desire for more frequency, more reliability and more connections.

Now, we are busy reviewing more than 1,000 comments received this month through Connections 2025 open houses, webinars, an online community survey, bus stop outreach and community events.


There’s still time to comment – survey deadline extended to Oct. 15!

The Connections 2025 community survey will now stay open an extra two weeks, through October 15. If you haven’t completed the survey yet, please give us your thoughts. It’s just five questions and takes only a few minutes to complete! Your feedback will help develop our road map for the future.

Because we want to do you justice in reviewing all the comments we’re received, we are adjusting our overall timeline. Instead of presenting the Connections 2025 plan for board approval in November, we are going to take October and November to finalize the plan, presenting the Final Draft Plan to the Capital Metro board in December.

Go online to learn all about the Connections 2025 Draft Plan.

What have we heard so far?

We’ve received comments on a wide range of issues including:

  • Service to downtown and UT
  • The straightening of routes
  • Further increasing the number of east-west routes
  • More MetroRapid routes
  • Public transit needs in outlying areas
  • More late-night and Sunday service
  • Service to entertainment districts
  • Higher frequency and shorter routes
  • Fares
  • Transportation needs for the elderly
  • Park & Ride locations
  • Specific comments on individual routes

In addition, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback! Almost half of the survey responses support additional frequent service. Check out some more details below:


How to Learn More

Check out the Connections 2025 blog posts!  Earlier this month, we did a week-long series of blog posts covering five key issues about the plan:

  • Day 1 – How to share your feedback?
  • Day 2 – What about frequent routes?
  • Day 3 – What will the proposed Connections 2025 transit network accomplish?
  • Day 4 – Why can’t we have more routes, all with more frequency?
  • Day 5 – What about MetroRail?

Have ideas or questions? Email, tweet #Connections2025 or call 512-369-6000.

One thought on “Connections 2025 – September Update

  1. mdahmus

    My idea: Be honest. You are cutting service to Hyde Park and NUNA, yet you are claiming to be doing the opposite. Large portions of two of our most transit-supportive neighborhoods will now be outside the generally accepted 0.25 mile circle which is the limit most people will walk to a bus (yes, even a ‘rapid’ bus).

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