Help Us Shape the Future of Capital Metro

This is the first blog post in our week-long series about Connections 2025. We’ve heard your burning questions and have answers to your top questions 

Day 1 – Question: How to I share my feedback?

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We’re proposing a face-lift for Capital Metro service through our plan, Connections 2025. For almost a year, we’ve been hosting open houses, chatting with riders at stops and even stopping by neighborhood associations, all so we can gather your feedback. We’re back at it again, beginning another series of open houses, starting today! 


What have we heard so far?

Throughout the study, the number one comment we’ve gotten is to add more frequency, followed by reliability and coverage.

Where can I check out the plan?

Right now, we have the Draft Transit Plan available as an interactive map and you can view detailed route-by-route descriptions describing the proposed changes  at Want to get a quick run-down? View our 2 minute video.

We need your feedback! 

At this point, the plan is still a proposal. We want to shape the future of Capital Metro’s service based on what our community needs, so each and every comment matters.

Go check out and fill out our online survey! You can also share your thoughts by emailing,  calling 512-369-6000 or on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’d like to meet with the team and hear a presentation on the plan, visit our in-person open houses, Sept. 6-16, or virtually at webinars on Sept. 7 and 14.

Organizations are welcomed to request a briefing, please fill out our online form.

It doesn’t stop there, we’ll be dropping by bus stops, transit centers, community events and much more to spread the word.

Now is the time to have your voice heard, share your feedback today!



2 thoughts on “Help Us Shape the Future of Capital Metro

  1. mdahmus

    You’re making the second major cut to the dense residential neighborhoods north of UT in the last five years. Frequency is going down for us, not up.

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