The Revolution of Transit Innovation: The Panel

SXSWPanelPickerCalling all Austinites and SXSW enthusiasts: we need your help! We are partnering with Local Motors and HaCon to bring a one-of-a-kind panel to our city in March – but we’ll need your vote in order to make it happen!

Our panel, The Revolution of Transit Innovation, will feature three panelists: Dan Dawson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Capital Metro, Matthew Lesh, Director of Mobility Systems at Local Motors, and Michael Frankenburg, managing partner with German-based HaCon.

olli[2]A big topic of conversation will be our friend Olli, who just might be the future of autonomous buses. Developed by Local Motors, this self-driving vehicle is both sensible and stylish. See what Olli’s all about and even get in touch through the website.

Each of the three panelists will also offer a three-dimensional view of transit technologies. Mr. Dawson will discuss current and future plans, such as first- and last-mile integration into the app to help riders navigate to and from bus stops.

Mr. Lesh will discuss which current and future technologies are being employed (such as solar panels to power up to eight battery-operated buses per day). He will also discuss the future of autonomous buses, which is where Olli comes in.

Mr. Frankenburg of Germany-based HaCon will discuss the issue from an international perspective. He will examine how the U.S. can implement the advanced transit technology used by European cities. Beverly Silas, Capital Metro board member and founder of Silas & Associates, will moderate the panel.

We’re consistently searching for ways to innovate public transportation, both in the short- and long-term. Recently, we’ve partnered with technology groups to implement solutions – solutions that aim to attract more riders. In addition to our cutting-edge app, we also plan to introduce new Traveler Tools, which will help innovate and improve the Austin transit system.

With Austin’s abundance of technologically advanced millennials, this capitol city is the picture of innovation. When it comes to developing mass transit in this fast-growing metro area, the bar is set just as high. While many young people agree that a solution must be found to the city’s traffic problem, they also agree that it must be done in new and innovative ways.

As residents of a fast-growing city, we all have a stake in this. We all have something to learn from these panelists about the past, present, and future of Capital Metro – and the revolution of transit innovation.

In order to make this panel happen, we need Austinites and SXSW enthusiasts and fans from around the country to cast their votes. Learn more & vote:

We’ll see you at SXSW!

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