About the New CapMetro App Tools

app1What’s up with the new CapMetro App version? You’ll notice redesigned Trip Planner and Next Departure tools and some other new features:

Follow Your Trip

Unfamiliar with your bus route? After planning your trip, click current position to view your location on the map—follow yourself while you’re riding the bus.

New Maps

More maps than ever! You can now drop a pin, filter by Local, MetroRapid and MetroRail options nearby, or choose points of interest in your area including attractions, education and housing.



Tap the star icon to save even more favorite destinations and trips for easier and faster planning. Favorites will filter to the top of your Trip Planner history.

app2Customize Your Trip

Make your trip your own!

  • Drop A Pin – Choose the pin icon to select a location in maps, then easily plan a trip
  • Service Types – Choose to see all service types, or narrow down your results by selecting between MetroBus, MetroRapid and MetroRail
  • Transfers – Adjust the number of transfers  and the amount of transfer time in the Trip Planner

Walking Time

Plan your trip down to the minute with walking now factored into your travel time. Adjust walking settings in “Trip Planner” options. In Trip Details, expand the section to view street details or switch to map mode by clicking the icon at the top of your screen.

Share Your Trip

Riding with your squad? After choosing your Trip Plan, share with your friends or family, easily. Email, add to notes, text or share to social media on-the-go.

Already downloaded the app and have questions? Our downloadable FAQ can help. We value your feedback, please take our brief survey.

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