Connections 2025 – July Update

It’s almost here – a draft transit plan!

What we’ve heard

We have been busy reviewing the system and listening to you, our community, about how to improve Capital Metro. The Transit Priorities Survey we hosted on from May 25 through June 24, received more than 500 responses. In it, you let us know your priorities given the reality of limited funding.

So what did we hear?  87% voted for improving frequency (more service, more often on key corridors) over wider coverage within Capital Metro’s service area (service to more destinations, less often). This information, combined with the input we’ve received from riders and community members throughout this process, helps guide us as we draft our new transit network. Open houses will continue in September. Thanks for taking the time to shape the future of transit in Central Texas. Visit to view the full survey results!


Where are we now?

Building on input from you, key stakeholders and Capital Metro leadership, we have developed these overarching goals:

  • Match service to markets – providing the right type of transit service for each land use type and customer base
  • Enhance the customer experience so transit is convenient and comfortable
  • Build ridership
  • Ensure financial sustainability so services are available in the long run

For more information, check out our Plan Goals and Strategies Info Sheet. These strategies provide an overview of how the Draft Transit Plan is being developed, and what Connections 2025 aims to achieve. The Connections 2025 team discussed the plan’s guiding principles with Capital Metro’s Board of Directors at their June 27 meeting.

The complete Draft Transit Plan, including route-by-route changes, will be available online August 22.  Keep an eye out for our August newsletter for more details – there will still be many opportunities for comment after the draft plan is released.

Get involved

Following the draft plan release in August, we will need your input! We will host open houses September 6-9 and 12-15 to discuss the Draft Transit Plan, plus, the first phase of Connections 2025 service changes that would start in January 2017.

Visit to view meeting dates and times. The input we receive at these open houses and online will help shape the Connections 2025 Final Transit Plan.

Have ideas or questions? Email, tweet #Connections2025 or call 512-369-6000.


2 thoughts on “Connections 2025 – July Update

  1. Anita prewett

    What a piece of junk! Does the app designer even ride the bus? Where is stopid feature that gives real time arrival — in readable phone friendly format? Capmetro continues its downward descent from undependable to unusable.

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