Get Your Austin Chix Fix

Chix PicJuly 6 is National Fried Chicken Day, so in honor of this momentous occasion, we rounded up a list of the five best places in town to get your chix fix. On the side, we’ve served up the Capital Metro routes to get to each:

Lucy’s Fried Chicken

Lucy’s is an Austin mainstay offering fried chicken and cocktails in a laid-back atmosphere. It may also be the only place in town to get fried chicken spaghetti, so don’t miss it!   MetroRapid 801 – 2218 College Avenue

Gus’s Fried Chicken

For a fun night out downtown, start your evening at Gus’s. You’ll find great chicken, a slew of hearty sides and scrumptious Southern pies. Baked beans, slaw and white bread round out each delicious plate.   Route 4 – 117 San Jacinto Boulevard


It ain’t your grandma’s fried chicken but, if you’re open-minded, try Fixe’s fancy take on this Southern staple. And, don’t miss the delicious Fixe biscuits with whipped butter.   Route 4 – 500 W. 5th Street

Foreign & Domestic

Foreign & Domestic offers family-style fried chicken dinners on Monday nights. Each meal includes sides and pie-a-la-mode for dessert, so come hungry.   Route 7 – 306 E. 53rd Street

Dai Due

Sunday is tallow-fried chicken night at Dai Due. As part of their supper club menu, you can get half a chicken fried in beef suet (can anyone say indulgent?) with a selection of seasonal sides and dessert.   Route 22 – 2406 Manor Road


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