Connections 2025 – Survey Open til Friday!

It’s an exciting time for Connections 2025 – we’re moving forward from data gathering and analysis to developing preliminary recommendations for service changes. First, we are looking at developing overall goals and strategies for service planning before we get down to the route-by-route details.

Capital Metro’s Board of Directors recently discussed some key issues for Connections 2025. Click here to view the meeting conversation.

Transit Priorities Survey

Help us shape the direction of Connections 2025! We’ve posted a new, brief survey and are looking for input from all Central Texans – riders and non-riders. The survey includes four questions to gauge opinions on some of the tradeoffs involved in a project like Connections 2025. With a limited amount of funding available for transit service, Capital Metro needs to make choices on how to balance competing priorities – for example, is it more important to improve frequency, or provide more coverage within Capital Metro’s service area? See below for examples.

Visit to complete the survey!


Where are we now?

Over the past few months we’ve been gathering input from local citizens, analyzing key market characteristics, and reviewing ridership patterns and performance of Capital Metro services. Now we’re distilling those key findings into a series of goals, strategies and action items for Connections 2025.

Why is this important?

Connections 2025 is not just a plan to tweak and tune transit routes – it will also include overall goals and strategies to explain why those changes are proposed. These guiding strategies will help us work with other transportation plans in the region, such as Project Connect and the city of Austin’s Strategic Mobility Plan.

We’ve heard a lot about topics like bus frequency, reliability, speed and coverage from our riders and non-riders, and these will play an important part in the plan. Take the survey to provide your input on important transit issues.

Stay tuned for our July e-newsletter where we’ll provide more details on where Connections 2025 is heading – and how you can stay involved!

Public Involvement

We recently wrapped up a series of public meetings in May, which included overviews of our findings to date. If you weren’t able to attend, the materials are available to view on under the “Resources” page.

The next round of public meetings are planned for this fall, but in the meantime, check the project website often for updates on how the plan is progressing!

Have ideas or questions? Email, tweet #Connections2025 or call 512-369-6000.

4 thoughts on “Connections 2025 – Survey Open til Friday!

  1. mdahmus

    The most important thing to gauge whether this effort is honestly done is whether the 801/803 are considered the same as locals that actually stop often enough to be useful. As in, “do you show ‘frequent’ on Guadalupe and Lamar despite the fact that a bus stops at Wheatsville Co-Op only ever 30 minutes”.

    If so, Capital Metro is still engaged in marketing over substance.

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    1. Capital Metro

      Hi Jimmy, Thanks for your suggestion. We collect data for routes, stops and more. This information is regularly used in a variety of ways including service changes (which occur three times each year) and the frequent route network we launched last year. ^AP

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