5 Ways to Keep Cool in Austin This Summer

tumblr_nz3v61Is1b1udao0so1_1280 2 -It’s June, which means summer is officially upon us. As temperatures climb, Austinites are doing what they can to beat the heat. Here are the five best ways to keep cool in Austin–and how to get there on Capital Metro so you keep your cool in traffic.

  1. Barton Springs: There’s a reason why Barton Springs is top-of-mind when you think of keeping cool in Austin. What could be better than a centrally located swimming hole surrounded by the shady trees of Zilker Park? Sure, you can always hike deep into the Greenbelt, but Barton Springs is great for when you’re feeling the lazy dog days of summer and want to take a dip without the hassle of a hike. Plus, with all the great eats nearby including Chuys, Shady Grove and the Barton Springs Picnic Trailer Park you can plan a day of fun in the sun with a cool patio dinner to top it off. From downtown, hop on Route 30 and ride for 10 minutes to Zilker Park.
  2. Amy’s Ice Cream: Amy’s Ice Cream has become synonymous with summer in Austin and there are many locations to choose from. To get to the heart of 6th and Lamar, take Route 21 and hop off at Amy’s doorstep at 6th and Baylor. Then choose your favorite flavor…. Might we suggest Amy’s famously delicious Mexican Vanilla?
  3. Snow Cones: Sometimes you just need a snow cone pick-me-up. Especially when it’s 2 p.m. on a Friday and you need a break from the office. Round up some coworkers and travel down to the nearest snow cone stand. The Sno-Beach on Guadalupe is easily reachable by Routes 21 or 22 and has a long list of flavors. Just be sure to bring one back for your boss!
  4. Deep Eddy: Deep Eddy is a great place to bring the kiddos for some splashing around in the heat of summer. The pool just celebrated its 100th birthday and frequently hosts fun events, like movie screenings, to enjoy while you and the kids lounge in the pool. Routes 21 or 22 will drop you off near the entrance.
  5. Alamo Drafthouse: Last but not least, when you just need a cool place to relax during the hottest days of El Nino, look no further than the Alamo Drafthouse where you can catch the latest summer blockbuster and sit back with a cold drink. Plus, if you visit the Lamar Union theater, there’s no shortage of things you can do in the area such as visit your favorite restaurants, or enjoy bowling or karaoke at the Highball. MetroRapid Route 803 will get you there in no time!

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