Manor’s New Service Will Work the Circuit

Manor PhotoManor’s booming population has presented growing transportation needs for our community. In just five years (2010-2015), Manor’s population has grown 99 percent. Like many other Central Texas suburbs, our community offers affordable living options, but it is coming at a cost.

The city of Manor joined Capital Metro’s service area in 1985, supporting the agency with a one percent sales tax as an investment for future services in the community. Capital Metro opened the Manor Park & Ride in 2012, accommodating commuters with the Manor Express service on weekdays. The facility provides parking for 68 cars and four bicycles.

Now, with our more than 10,500 residents, we are ready for a more robust transit system in our community. With our population growth, major activity centers have been developed: a Walmart opened, medical facilities moved in and more homes were built in the city.

Manor MapTo meet the transportation needs of our growing community, we have worked with Capital Metro to launch the Manor Circulator, Route 470. The new route will provide service to Manor’s major activity centers, including area grocery, medical and social service agencies, six days a week, making goods, services and employment within the city even more accessible.

The new Manor Circulator will travel along U.S. 290, Lexington Street, Lapoynor Street, Bastrop Street, and Old Hwy 20, providing easy transfers to Route 990, the Manor/Elgin Express, at the Manor Park & Ride.

— Mayor Rita Jonse – City of Manor, Texas 

You can find out more about the Manor Circulator at

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