Austin is beautiful, weird and full of music – but it’s also full of traffic. To alleviate traffic congestion, and encourage people to think about alternative ways to commute, Mayor Adler has called on people to join him in a one-day initiative on Wednesday, May 11, called “Austin Don’t Rush.”

To show our support for this initiative to take thousands of cars off the road, Capital Metro is offering FREE RIDES on all its services May 11.

Austin-Don't-Rush (002)

People can ride MetroBus, UT Shuttle, MetroRapid, MetroExpress, MetroRail, MetroAccess or MetroAirport for free – ALL DAY LONG.

Why should you take transit? There are so many benefits – like getting back some of your time to do other things since you don’t have to drive, saving on gas, expensive parking and helping ease congestion.

Our free CapMetro App makes it easy to plan your trip, access real-time departure information, and conveniently buy and use passes – right on your smartphone. And many of our services offer free Wi-Fi to make your trip even more productive or just plain fun.

To accommodate expected crowds on May 11, Capital Metro is increasing frequency on MetroRail to approximately every half hour. Along with MetroRail, we encourage you to ride MetroRapid or MetroExpress if you haven’t tried it yet, or any of our other convenient services.

We’re making it easy – So, c’mon and take a FREE RIDE!

May 11 Expanded MetroRail Service

May 11 Expanded MetroRail Service


3 thoughts on ““C’MON AND TAKE A FREE RIDE!”

  1. S. Edwards

    This is a great idea, but it would been even greater, if it would have launched the same time as the West Art Studio Tour( Big Medium, LLC).

  2. Quan Wang

    I like this activity very much, it encourages people to reduce drive, a birght future of Austin with less traffic jam, safe and amazing human inhabitant environment!

  3. Today, 5/11/16, the buses are still empty. Capital Metro should learn something from this free bus ride day and that is people prefer their own cars because it is less stressful and your drivers, not all, have no customer service skills when dealing with passengers. You should clean house before the city of Austin cleans out your contract.

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